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Username: bananapls
Registered: 26 Dec 2016, 12:08 pm

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When Bae says my derpings are amusing~
((Sometimes when I'm basking in Creep 's labbu, I play FV on my laptop, just in case there's an IP flag~!))

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Oddbird Hatchy Egg by Koboldgolfing ~!

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Villagers 28

Comments 48

    • sorry, already traded

    • <3 You. YOU'RE CUTE.

    • Do you wanna see something cute?? >:3

    • ;o /hides the comment so you can comment with Moxie

    • yep <3 I roll to see if you get bonus stuff with each bag.

    • giphy.gif

    • *boops* ;w; Not that I'm a stalker or anything, I was looking at the villager sales.. But ah, you ping someone by typing "@ name" without the space. ;w; *hugs* How have you been though, Merru? ;u; Creep told me that you guys are questing a ticket over on Gaia. If I can do anything to help, just let me know! <3

    • Alrighty! ;w; No problem at all. Just let me know whenever you need anything else from TEP~

    • <3

    • I'll still send you some when I can. ;w; at least one more good batch~

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