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Username: bananapls
Registered: 26 Dec 2016, 12:08 pm

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When Bae says my derpings are amusing~
((Sometimes when I'm basking in Creep 's labbu, I play FV on my laptop, just in case there's an IP flag~!))

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Oddbird Hatchy Egg by Koboldgolfing ~!

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    • Of course! <3 I'll send more seeds when I can. ;w; Let me know when you want me to stop~

    • ; w; Everyone needs you in their life. <3

    • Not that I'm complaining or anything but what's with all the pikas? I'm just very curious haha

    • Writhe in agony over the torment that you are getting a thing of which you do not know what it is. owo YOU WILL SEE SOON. Hopefully in the next couple days if not later today or tomorrow~ <3

    • No, you! x3 Moue moved villages and gave me the medicines you sent her since I'm in the Peak now too, so I wanted to send a thank you to both of you. ;w;

    • You're welcome, Merringue~ :D He is a real cutie~

    • YOU SILLY NUGGET. ;_; Thank you though! <3

    • MERRU Y U BUYING MY STORE STUFF. ;_; Just ask and I would have given it to you!

    • coffee-animated-gif-5.gif Good morning, sweets. :3

    • <3

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