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Username: AngelQueen
Gender: Female
Registered: 29 Dec 2016, 10:20 am

Profile description

Name: Angel Bunny
Employer: Fazbear Entertainment
Occupation: Server/Entertainer
Model: Toy Animatronic, Pink Bunny
Pronouns: She/Her
Phrases: "It's only me."

Angel Bunny is a passive-aggressive animatronic. While she won't attack you (night guard) she will find someone who will attack you (night guard) or disable cameras making your job more difficult.

Game play: Angel Bunny will activate when she gets annoyed. If you flash your light too much in an area she's in, she'll activate. Don't flash your light when Angel Bunny is looking at the camera, if you do she will disable the camera in that room and move to a different location. Don't let Angel Bunny get into the office, she won't attack, but her presence will allow one of her fellow animatronics to sneak in and jumpscare you.
To calm her mood when she's been activated, play music. The right melody can keep her in place.

Notes: Angel Bunny is a character created by ME. Obviously she was created during the time FNAF 2 was released.


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