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User ID: #83191
Username: Cup
Gender: Milk
Registered: 31 Dec 2016, 10:44 pm

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free_pixel_milk_20x20_icon_by_koffeelam-☾AESTHETICALLY PLEASING☽free_pixel_milk_20x20_icon_by_koffeelam-

hi, hi! i'm cup!
i'm always tired and can be found under some blankets!
i use the "UwU" emoji too much for my own good!


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    • why not

    • Would spam but does not want to be banned . ; n ;

    • Crow is very good friend ; v ;

    • Crow is very good friend ; v ;

    • what happened to your painties! D:

    • I have to ask, who did your painties?

    • im glad to know that you are better. thank you for helping me cope as well <3

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