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Username: Sevaunt
Registered: 1 Jan 2017, 1:22 pm

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    • Thanks for the FD!

    • OhmyGod
      Thank ye so much
      So so so much fer the reaper scythe!!
      THANK YE!

    • thank you so so much for the fd, I don't even know how to thank you properly, I'm speechless, just, thank you so much!! if you ever want a drawing done, feel free to send me a message!!
      again... thank you! ^^

    • Thank you very much for the gift! I really appreciate it : )

    • Oh my gosh thank you for the dagger!!! <3

    • oohh thank you for the drax!! ;; i can finally complete my elemental drax pairs ;0

    • Thank you for taking pity on me for such a dumb little error on my part ... let me know if i can ever do anything to repay you..!

    • You're welcome! I can send you more if you want them. c:
      You'll eventually more than you need though because they grow in 15 minutes and usually give 1-3 seeds each plant.

    • If she doesn't end up wanting to use it you could always try sell it or something!
      I don't mind people selling premades of it as long as the buyers know that I did the base for it. :3

      I might have to check if I mentioned that in my art thread or not actually, I'm always so forgetful with stuff like that,

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