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Username: JaysonStar
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Last Online: 6 Mar 2020, 9:28 am
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    • Thank you for the Morphing potions!

    • Do i have permission to hug you as a thanks for your Iron Axe? If not then.. Thank you soo much! Have a cookie :D

    • Thanks for your purchase UwU

    • Hug, Kiss, Marry or kill thread
      Its Howler and Jess XD


    • Becareful not to get them confused with Skinwalkers though. Those are very diffrent creatures to the Wendingos.

    • Well the best way to explain it is that they're humans that have turned into cannabals. The most famous story of the Wendigo is when a native america man ate his whole entire family in the winter, because there was no food around and him and his family where starving, so he rescorted to cannablism. There are a lot of stories online of people talking about there experiences with Wendigos. I'd go check them out! They're very intresting and creepy ;)

    • I've actually never played Until Dawn! I found out about Wendigos through Native American Folklore, not Until Dawn. Though I would love to play the game one day <3

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