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Username: Sangria
Last Online: 29 Jun 2019, 11:25 pm
Registered: 6 Jan 2017, 10:19 pm

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    • well, if you can, make a permanent herbalist next time, and devote your construction worker to make some pots for you so you get at least probably 20 of them. then plant those seeds!! i guarantee you, the amount of money you get from selling back with the plants is 2x the amount of fc youd get from just selling seeds.

      honestly, if you need some help, i can do some meds + pots for you! just send over some materials and ill be able to give them to you once theyre done. most of my villagers are 100% completed progress and are active workers :)

    • oh no its okay! you should keep your loot/materials!! its good to keep them in case youd like to expand to different villages' materials without having to move in the first place :p or just some good ol cross village trading

    • youre welcome! i got an extra steel shield ill send over in a minute since its easier to repair stuff now instead of just making new ones every time haha
      and thank you! i coded it myself (but i still have to do a lot of things before its ready to be a free to use profile 0:< )

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