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Username: coyoteteethe
Gender: Male
Last Online: 25 Mar 2019, 2:41 pm
Registered: 7 Jan 2017, 2:21 pm

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Yo i'm Coyote. I'm 21 and I am learning NOT to hate myself. He/him or they/them. Totally cool with petnames and shit. Come vent at me any time you need to. Literally an alien.

Bug enthusiast and gecko dad [1 leopard gecko, 1 crested gecko] Pagan polytheist, death witch, and spirit worker.

Would love to talk to you about animal biology, husbandry, paganism, etc.
If I don't reply, I probably have my hands gloved and inside of a dead animal.

My toyhou.se is here
My Tumblr is here

I kick it 2 hours behind Furvilla time. (Pacific Northwest ftw)
Currently reading: Werewolf: The Apocalypse by White Wolf Publishing

Quiet, Reptiles, insects, oddities, finding roadkill, plants, slugs & snails, salamanders & newts, Neil Gaiman books, horror/gore anything, dinosaurs, Skyrim, D&D, World of Darkness

Loud noises, physical contact, dog-eared pages, incorrect animal husbandry (sand for leopard geckos! Don't do it!), potato eyes, celery,

Horror/monster adopts
2 paintie tickets
Axolotl mini pets
Any non-DMM seeds
Better mental health
A will to live lmao

Villagers 10

Comments 25

    • Lol no problem! Feel free to credit me on there, same user name

    • It's totally no problem!! That's a lot more than I was expecting ;w; ty!!

    • Ah, thank you!! I liked the name Nola, so I thought it'd be cute to have a little nod to it with the teddy's name, even though we'd be the only ones who'd notice lol

    • Hey! When I bought those villagers from you, you sent their pets with them! Would you like those back? ;o;

    • Omg your back hey!!!

    • Thank you for Nola!<3

    • Thanks so much for Nitro!

    • I missed you, too! :'D I had wondered where you had wandered off to, but I hope it was a safe journey. Lots has has changed around here but it's only getting better. And of course, it's still our lovely old Furvilla <3 If you have any questions feel free to ask me ^-^

    • Heyo, friend! Welcome back :D It's good to see your around again. <3

    • Ohh i understand!
      Oh my god Beast is wickeddddd i love him!!

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