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User ID: #84431
Username: SkullyJayBird
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 27 Mar 2018, 12:45 am
Registered: 8 Jan 2017, 11:20 pm

Profile description

I draw sometimes! You can find my drawing places here:
FurAffinity: SkullyJayBird
deviantArt: SkullyJayBird
Tumblr, art blog: skullyjaybird

And if you wanna follow my regular tumblr, which is mostly random things and me not posting much anyways, here it is!

My FlightRising is here for anyone who wants to check out my dragons!

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    • Thank you lots! <3

    • Thanks for the Jack-o-lantern :)

    • thank you for the Jack-o-Lantern!

    • Oh gosh, thank you for the Baked Furlaska!! I'll make sure Fehru gets it tonight or tomorrow, depending on how my pie baking goes!!! ♡♡

    • *Squee!*

    • Thanks for the animals! :3

    • :D Thanks. Likewise with QP. Let me know.... do you do schema trades?

    • Thank you very much! Same goes for you if you need anything from OFB. Also, if you see any plushes in my shop you like I'm happy to trade them. ^^

    • No problem! I'm doing a ton of plush quests. ^.=.^

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