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User ID: #85206
Username: Snekk
Gender: Transboy
Last Online: 22 Jun 2019, 4:05 pm
Registered: 15 Jan 2017, 6:48 pm


Profile description

2871-2017-jack-o-lantern.png This one is Snekk, and may be referred to as such.
Snekk lives among the bones as a shadow, and one such as you would do themselves good to keep from them unless one knows their way around the shade as Snekk does. 2871-2017-jack-o-lantern.png
His fellow villagers tend to be tolerant of others, so do not hesitate TOO much to drop by. We do not get many visitors.

For further reference~

His contacts:
Dragon Cave
Flight Rising
Chicken Smoothie
DeviantArt {{This one uploads his FV commissions there}}

On this individual:

Snekk is very proud of his awards from the FurVilla staff~~~ even though everyone got them.1904-toxic-candycorn.png 1731-pretty-poodles-soup-of-noodles.png 1894-chocolate-candycorn.png208-candycorn.png ( "^v-v^)

This one lives with Swampkeeper , so please do not mistake him for a multiaccount cheater ^^"

Villagers 15

Comments 44

    • Snekk is attempting to assist with the Icy Sword apocalypse by taking them and disposing of them little by little ^^"

    • New favourite fairy: Cryptid Fairy

      What a great title to have ^^
      Snekk is almost envious.

    • precious beans are for protecting not eating.

    • Regardless, I have decided that you are my bean.

    • More teeth means more bite power

    • Snekk, you are a precious bean. I will bite those who say otherwise.

    • I don't get how anyone could hate bats (unless they have some sort of illness or something like rabies) like seriously look at this thing and tell me it isn't cute


    • Ooo, also, I wanna be reborn as a dragon as well! I hope we both do, end crossing paths and remembering each other from our past lives. Plus bats are so adorable!!❤

    • I love Pineapple pizza too! Do you eat your Pineapple pizza with ham and olives on it as well like I do? If not, you should give it a try since the ham can also be a bit sweet too but it's also salty (or savory) and olives to me (which are salty and savory) really just balance the whole pizza out. ;3 ❤

    • When I am this tired, even I question what I am saying. Sorry for the randomness I forgot how to Human so I will just be sleeping now byyyee

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