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User ID: #8748
Username: Shuichi
Gender: Male
Last Online: 13 Feb 2020, 6:31 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:26 pm

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hiya, i'm shuichi and i'm 20 years old!
i like anything pink, pastel, glittery, and geometric,
as well as magical girls, aliens, ghosts, and witches!

right now i also really, really love yu yu hakusho!!!

i'm very friendly, so please feel free to talk to me at any time!
i'm also very happily dating my dear prince Hiei <3

well, see ya later!!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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    • Thank you! Mines a little dark, but I'm takingn a break from it for a while :0

      I cannot wait to see the finished product of yours, I'm sure it'll be adorable!

    • I love your profile CSS :0

    • i'll pm u abt my country!
      and no preference for pronounce :>

    • Ahh im from europe !
      Also feel free to call me leech/lee or my name is Robin and i got by they/them/he/she whatever really :>
      How should i call u btw??? : o

    • I'm good !!! Still sick but a bit better tho its almost 6AM here lmao
      Hbu?? //v//

    • The headband is perfect eeee <333
      Thank you! /w\

    • This is a couple days late AH I'm sorry!! ;v; I just got home from vacation oops
      But thank you so so much for drawing my bab AHHHH I don't think I have the words to explain how much I love this :'D
      You nailed everything ((ESPECIALLY her headband holy crap I think that's the best anyone's ever done on that, including my attempts at it hAH)) and the pose fits her so well and just aaaaaahhhhh I love this so much!! <3333
      Can I ask if I can upload this to her private sta.sh and toyhou.se? c: Also, where should I credit it to? o: Would you like me to credit here or do you have a dA or somewhere else you'd rather? I like to title my art with who does it so I want to be sure I'm crediting the right place /w\
      Thank you again aaaaahhhh I wish I could better word just how much I love this ; v ;

    • I'll prob finish it tomorrow since im p tired today but i'll msg ya with the finished one

    • I assumed they were band aids yea !!!i dont usually sketch designs fully so when i lineart i have freedom at some places :>

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