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User ID: #881
Username: Crionym
Gender: Demiboy
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:03 pm

Profile description

I'm addicted dr pepper and the only thing i'll wear willingly is pajamas.

Find me on deviantart and youtube as Crionym



my fursona [furry]

my persona [human]


more information because apparently i should put this on my page:

Yes! You may PM me!
Yes! I take tips for my art! I appreciate it
Yes! You may commission me
No! You may not buy my villagers for their digits

Cheap paypal emergency commissions!
Premade painties

Villagers 12

Comments 30

    • I thought my addiction to Dr. Pepper was just me I'm glad I found another addict

    • gay

    • Grove has been sent over in exchange for 200FD <3

    • Your profile really resonates with me. I mean I'm more of a coca cola person, but the pajamas thing is at least the same.

    • this is the best profile
      bless these villagers

    • Styrofoam is still my favorite snek

    • youre the meme fairy
      arent you

    • your page is trippy, i like it x'D

    • the poll in your signature is excellent. im surprised my village is least gayest of all tbh.

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