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Username: Uendo
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Aug 2020, 11:41 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:28 pm

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| Clover | 24 | INFP-T | Cis Female | She/Her | Autochorissexual | Netherlands | +7 hours ahead FV time |
| LGBT Chimes Vistas | Commissions | Painties & Vistas | Emojis |

I like to collect all the custom items on the site and put them in my gallery

Uendo Toneido
Occupation: Rakugo Artist

"Even if my performance isn't worth watching, I will certainly watch my words. I wouldn't want to say anything thoughtless and get arrested. After all, that'd be... a "raku-no-no"! Hee hee!"

****Formerly PlushKlavier****

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    • What I meant on my profile where it says "fandoms" is communities as well

    • Well as the rabbit didnt appear to be injured and was acquired after center had closed for the day it seemed best to wait for the shock to wear off and releasing it where it was from rather than driving 30-40minutes with it during corona to a rescue center

      a trip that similarly probably couldnt have been made today before the place closed even if my mother had been willing to immediately get in the car to try and drive there

      and good lord you have a lotta villagers

    • Omq you have so many villagers x33
      Very impressive :P

    • Hawkfeather13

      Dude, you're the one who's being ridiculous here. There have been multiple people so far who have told you that you were rude in telling someone to lower their prices on art they're kind enough to offer in the first place. As a matter of fact, a majority of people who have done exactly what you have, have also been told they're rude, blocked, and even banned from the site. You gave completely unwarranted advise to someone, and you're telling them to ignore it? You could have walked away without saying anything to them in the first place so none of this would have happened. Also no one is framing you, the proof of your crappy actions is in the comments posted on everyone's profiles. It's not framing if you're literally doing this to yourself. Uendo and Stray have done nothing wrong in trying to not only defending Stray, but trying to get you to see that you're in the wrong. It doesn't matter if you've done no crime, being rude to people and continuing to do so is not without criticism. If you're rally going to block them just do it, you're the one acting like a child here.

      And trying to make these two into the bad guy by saying they ruined your day? That's really not helping your case.

    • Also, if you enjoy ruining people’s days, congrats you’ve ruined mine.

    • You know? You and straychowchow are being ridiculous about a matter that is stupid. Is it the end of the world if I offer advice and ask if an artist would be willing to change their price? I’m sure many people have done it before without “consequences” that you talk of. If they didn’t want my advice they could tell me so and ignore it. Rather childish of the both of you to continue a problem that will only grow. I have done no crime in what I said and I stand with it still. There’s no way your gonna frame ME as the coward and troublemaker when I never intended to cause a fued. And have you ever heard of the concept of “forgive and forget?” I was trying to do that so we could go our separate ways without this but it seems you want to cause an argument over this. This is petty and childlike. Stop calling me things and face what YOUR saying. Did you mean I murdered someone? Or stollen or any other horrible crime? Because if you wanted some information I HAVENT. I meant what I said. If you keep calling me out like this for no reason I will block you and you won’t frame me ever again. Is that clear?

    • Hawkfeather13
      Ever heard of the concept of there being consequences to your actions? It's funny how you say I'm being disrespectful towards you while you're the one who clearly doesn't know how to show respect towards others if you think you can tell artists they need to lower their prices to something that suits you personally. You did something bad, and when someone does something bad they have to be called out for it. I reposted my comment because it is important for you to realize that you can't get away from the consequences of your actions and that you can't just tell everyone to "ignore and move on" whenever you do something unacceptable, thieves don't get to tell police officers to ignore their burglaries just because they don't like it, the world doesn't work that way. If you can't or don't want to understand that what you did is wrong then that's on you, but I can guarantee you that if you continue to behave like this I'm not going to be the only one who's going to tell you off for it. I'm not planning on continuing to argue with you further after this comment.

    • Look here, I ignored you original comment Bc I dident want any trouble I I don’t want to start an argument. I don’t enjoy being yelled out for offering my advice, if she dident like it they could just ignore it. I don’t know why you messing with this in the first place but this is a stupid argument that I no longer wish to be a part of. Of you or stray chow chow keep messaging me disrespectfully like this I’m going to block the both of you. End of story.

    • Oh ok thank you ^-^ were they stolen or not?

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