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Username: Uendo
Gender: Female
Last Online: 4 Jul 2020, 1:16 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:28 pm

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| Clover | 24 | INFP-T | Cis Female | She/Her | Autochorissexual | Netherlands | +7 hours ahead FV time |
| LGBT Chimes Vistas | Commissions | Painties & Vistas | Emojis |

I like to collect all the custom items on the site and put them in my gallery

Uendo Toneido
Occupation: Rakugo Artist

"Even if my performance isn't worth watching, I will certainly watch my words. I wouldn't want to say anything thoughtless and get arrested. After all, that'd be... a "raku-no-no"! Hee hee!"

****Formerly PlushKlavier****

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    • Then again, it’s just another day in World Geography for me

    • Apparently if you want to get past the block you have to look up “brown warm milk marshmallow”
      Like, what the actual fuck?

    • Oh damn
      Even brown hot drink is restricted

    • Yeah, that’s dumb
      If you want to search hot chocolate, you have to type “brown hot drink”, or something similar
      B u t F r e e e k ! ‘ 0 4 i s n ‘ t b l o c k e d

    • (That’s a mood heh)
      I’ll keep that in mind, hee (also I was afraid you were gonna listen to the song and yell at me hsvhbhjakdnjaidncbckndbdjs. BUT YOU KNOW WHATS FUNNY? Freeek! ‘04 isn’t blocked on the school filters, but the search h o t c h o c o l a t e is. That’s fucked up lmao)

    • Then it shall b e (also I knew about your art thread; Ive seen it in the Recent Activity thing. Not gonna lie, as a joke, I was gonna ask for a doodle of Taki Taki when her ref sheet was finished. I was gonna say something along the lines of... “may Taki Taki come on in?” (you’d really only get that if you listened to a... certain song))

    • (Note: I fixed my sister’s scissors) Video games are very good, keep playing them /pat
      Also I’m gonna draw one of your characters and you can’t stop me (also do you think it’d be a good idea to make a free art thread so I can practice my drawing skills?)
      wow i say also a lot

    • I am a failure
      In the last 45 minutes I have:
      *Given myself a blister
      *Broken my sister’s scissors
      *Have tried desperately to fix them but failed
      *Not done a project that is due tomorrow
      But hey, aT lEaSt I mAdE a CuTe FoAm CaR
      Good lord I suck at this

    • OwO I’m pretty much the god-master of Protogens (I have 8 of them please send help), so if you have a question I can probably answer it
      also sorry for the super late reply, I uh... fell asleep and then kind of forgot, hehe

    • Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I don’t wannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      Alos random but I noticed earlier that you have a few Protogen painties, and I must say... Protogens are g o o d b o i s (the character I’m making a ref for is actually a Protogen named Taki Taki... she is good boy (in her own way shhdhdhhajiejehryyrbajken))

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