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Gone uwu

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    • It didn't go through. I would have been notified if it did.

    • You can get the mini pet boxes by buying them in the FurDollar Emporium. Go to town hall and underneath all your town shops, there it is. Every month the boxes change and all of the retired boxes go into the retired box (which costs twice as much as the monthly box). If you buy a retired box, you'll get a random FD pet box. Each pet box can be opened to get ONE FD pet. The rarities range from common to super rare. The percentage to get each are 40% for common, 30% for uncommon, 20% for rare, and 10% for super rare.

    • Fur Real! You were correct :>

    • Ok! Send them over and ill send the FC! :3

    • Thanks!This will really help! If you get any larkspur let me know and ill pay you 10 fC for each seed!

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