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Username: shortyginger
Gender: Female
Last Online: 28 Sep 2020, 10:46 pm
Registered: 3 Mar 2017, 9:59 pm

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I'm some 23 year-old aspiring entomologist. Please do not squish my bug children. All I do is play video games, and I tend to stay up very late.

I haven't been typically too social here, but I'm willing to change that as I've gotten more comfortable here. I mostly will want to talk video games though. I have a Backloggery which lists all the games I own in case someone ever wants to talk about them.

~My Toyhouse
~My friend Photonerd96 must be protected

Chibi Bee
Any bug thing I don't have yet

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    • ah okay, thanks a lot in that case. <3

    • hey there! from the art shop thread, you sent me 450fd which is 100 above the price for a full-body,, just wanted to check in case you didn't send me that extra by accident

    • its no problem at all!

    • Thanks for so many.. ya i was not able to play it much because my internet was down for the first few days of the event and i just came on with data to do the daily checkand complain XD... now the rng seems to hate me and i get nothing.. i have 6 adventurers and i got nothing during one hours search oof

    • I do! I've gotten a /ton/ of free games thanks to you :D

    • Yeah im a minor so preferably not -w-''

    • Oh, sorry! I've been busy but I can accept him now. Thank you

    • I just noticed your signature on the forums and wanted to let you know I have a zombee dress up bee premade fur sale in my thread, just in case you didn't see it and happened to be interested ;w;

    • You’re totally welcome! It was fun drawing something I’ve never drawn before :3

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