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User ID: #89918
Username: WinteryW0lf
Gender: Male
Last Online: 18 Sep 2020, 8:52 am
Registered: 16 Mar 2017, 4:13 pm

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    • Hey, Im new!

    • at least im early?

    • I'm not allowed to sell her actually, sorry bout that, I promised to give her back to the person I got her from if I ever parted with her. I've had over 8 people ask to buy her though, so no worries there

    • I am however selling this rose-themed paintie if you're interested

    • I actually wasn't selling her sadly, she was going back to the original owner but then I decided to keep her because they're inactive

    • Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for sending Milo to me! Sorry he wasn't used by you but he will be used by me! <33

    • sure! :3

    • Not a bother! But you're welcome, and I hope regardless you have a fantastic rest of your day today! =3

    • I wish I could, but that's much to low under the current prices >__<

    • i might be misunderstanding you, but lavender was a custom paintie done for gerbilfluff so i would not be willing to do a recolor of it.
      A recolor on the corvid base is either $6 or $10, depending on how complex the patterns you want are.
      If you want base edits (as in an added plague doctor mask) then pricing would be around $15.
      more pricing info can be found in my paintie thread!

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