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User ID: #89918
Username: WinteryW0lf
Gender: Male
Last Online: 18 Sep 2020, 8:52 am
Registered: 16 Mar 2017, 4:13 pm

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    • I have a construction worker who just sits there making them all day haha


    • You're welcome ! Glad you like them ^^

    • Uwah thank you! Unfortunately I only take paypal commissions at the moment
      (most people are looking for in game currency)

    • Ah I personally made the paintie for Clark =v= !

    • No problem, glad I could be of service <3!

    • I actually dolled it up and everything myself,since I got permission from the artist to use the lineart ^^. She's @SweetDevil on here, unfortunately she doesn't play FV anymore, but she does have a DA if you would like to check that out <3

    • (When your doorstep'll allow me to)
      (and when I'm finally finished with emptying my inventory because 17k candies decided to sit there e-e)

    • Oh wait, the last news post says "Exact end dates for the Event and closure of the Candy Shop will be posted with the Pumpkin Growing trophy and prize details"
      So I guess we'll have to wait to know! ;o;

    • Unfair, you're on cooldown ;_;
      When does it even end? :o

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