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Username: clairebear1018
Gender: Female
Last Online: 9 Dec 2019, 6:27 am
Registered: 26 Mar 2017, 3:50 am

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Hello! My name is Claire, 17, got ADHD and anxiety, and I'm really just your typical internet person.

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    • Funny thing is I've met a few DR fasn on here but Kokichi is #1 best character Ryoma is #2. I also like your profile it sort of reminds me of Watership down how the rabbit is designed

    • Believe the current rate is 1000fc per FD? It does take a while but people definitely make the trades.

    • Totally understandable! I only did that once since it was the Black Friday sale and you got a free Gembound with individual purchases over $20 I think. You certainly don't need to buy FD with USD either way though, just trade for it with FC.

    • Wish you luck with that!

      Thankfully you get a bunch from the daily log. Only one you'll probably have trouble with is Gembound MP. I can probably give you some tips and tricks to getting stuff without paying in real currency though. I think I've only ever bought FD once.

    • Which game thread? I don't remember those as much since I don't think I participated in them much.

    • I feel like I've seen you around before. Well, welcome back!

    • No problem. And yep! On here all the time, pretty much as often as I can. Maybe on a little too much I'll admit, heh.

    • Is that so? Well, glad I could help in that case :3

    • Oh absolutely. Adorable little endangered pinecone babies.

      Rip looks like I'm really filling up your profile comments section! XD

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