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Username: thew0lfsoul
Gender: Female
Registered: 31 Mar 2017, 8:22 pm

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I haven't put very much thought into most of my villager's personalities and I would like to develop them more, so I can RP as any of them if asked. All replies on any of their profiles (except Soul's/mine) will be in character.

I am one hour ahead of Furvilla time!

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    • Thank you!

    • You are very welcome! :3

    • Thank you for choosing Lute for your repairs! I hope you have a wonderful day~

    • thank you for the toxic waste and the compliment on lunatea <3

    • I had to save up to get morphing potions in the stall :3

    • They're still up for other users. You shouldn't see those buttons on your own profile with/without the css, so don't worry ^^

    • aaayy :D they're great shows afterall ;) im excited for new star!

    • the kyles will start a band called kyle and every album will be called Kyle and every song will be called Kyle

      "What's your favorite song by Kyle from their album Kyle? Mine's Kyle."

      "...eh, Kyle was all right, but in my opinion, Kyle was a much better song and is Kyle's true masterpiece. besides, I think Kyle was a far better album than Kyle, they changed their style too much in Kyle for my tastes. but to each their own!"

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