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User ID: #91133
Username: Manitka
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 21 Oct 2019, 7:46 pm
Registered: 2 Apr 2017, 9:42 pm


Profile description

Panromantic and Androgyne.
My pronouns are anything except it, or xe/xer as they make me uncomfortable.

I have a hard time expressing gratitude, so I'm sorry if I don't sound completely enthralled, I am totally happy, I've just always had a issues trying to express it.

I have really bad executive dysfunction, please be understanding and try and remind me if you need something from me!

Pumpkin casualties: 524

Commissions I'm waiting on:
[No rush, I'm just forgetful]
Akamina-Etu -full painting- serpent feathers [prepaid]
Gloomyvibes- 200k fc- fullbodies [prepaid]
Squashbug- full body - shifty paintie
Srsishere- one paintie - 1m fc or 1kfd
Verixpa - fullbody stuff - mudpie oc
Slaycier- I have no fricking clue [prepaid]
Whinny- shifty paintie- paintie ticket [prepaid]
[R]Nuttymonkey1 -colored sketch- serpent feathers* [prepaid]
[R]Spooked_sparrow- 200k fc- head* [prepaid]

*messenged offsite as well

Villagers 37

Comments 361

    • yeah!! sorry for the late reply ;v; I just came back to furvilla over like 2 years and noticed a ton of flittens and i wanted someone to have em for a cheap price!

    • Thank you so much for the extra FD ;w;

    • Does the picnic basket drop from battle?

    • Of course!

    • Thanks for shopping at my stall! c:

    • Hi :) so quite a while ago I had gotten a watermelon slug dragon character from you, I was wondering if its alright if I upload them as a shifty

    • Please check your item transfers :3

    • Oh it's no problem! I just figured you didn't want them. I can resend if you like

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