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User ID: #933
Username: TokiToki
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:03 pm

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    • Thanks!

    • A piece of metal, really. it's not very useful. but I will use it anyway. Thorns amulet.

    • I stopped because i'm distracted by shiny. Maybe later. I want. that. harbinger.


    • >:D

    • you're a speech bubble

    • Oh wowe thanks! your an amazing person and player <3

    • seHHOFG.jpg Best of wishes to you in this Holiday Season!

    • tokitoki <3 my friendo. how have you been-o? (CHEESY RHYMES DON'T MATTER I'M SORRY)

    • Toki come back, you can blame it all on jennawing
      Honestly though I miss chatting with you ;A; Tokiiiii </3

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