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User ID: #93665
Username: SeargentMuffins
Gender: Female
Last Online: 26 Jul 2020, 9:50 pm
Registered: 13 May 2017, 12:26 am

Profile description

CREDIT TO alxq for the CSS codes!
found here-->http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/61552-f2u-matching-profile-css

Color codes i found on my own and the background picture belongs to me~

I'm a crazy Mythological creature lover~

I also love crazy cats COUGH*Cheshire*COUGH.

Dragons are my main game though~

Space/ starry things/galaxy and sunset/sunrise and storm/lightning designs are totally awesome and a major source of inspiration for me!

Dream villagers to acquire via costumes:
Warrior- X1
Angelic- X1

Villagers 74

Comments 62

    • I have the power in my hands

    • Ah yeah. I got into some small candy exchanges as well, nothing special. About 10 candy at a time. But since my internet is slower, I don't really have the patience for bigger candy wars... so, usually, if I'm sending big amounts of candy, I send them in a trade. depends how much, but I do send them in a bundle x3
      I know that means no karma for me if I send them that way, but I dun care. my priority is happiness of others, so yeah x3

      And oh? I had no idea about that bug. It sounds very annoying :/
      If you need (which you probably don't, but if you do), I can send you some of mine. Lanterns, or fresh, uncarved ones, so you can get pumpkin guts and seeds too if ya need :3

    • And I totes forgot to mention... That giving tree picture you have on your profile x3
      Hilarious x33333
      Funny cus it's true x3

    • Oh whow. I kinda do the similar thing.
      I keep the notifications up there, and then just go down the list, thanking th epeople, leaving candy and pumpkins if needed. If I already thanked them, I don't want to like, spam and clutter their profile with me thanking them all the time, so I just leave that part out, but still leave pumpkins if needed, and definitely candeh :3c

      And I have like... approximately 8k lanterns all the time in my inventory... so it's really not a problem to just go and give them out to everyone ^w^

    • Because time zones are doucheeees ;w;
      *flails and paws at them as well*

      And yus, a pumpkin, and I just gave you one more >w>
      Sometimes, I imagine like, myself pulling the cart filled with pumpkins, and then just leaving them whenever I see one 8or more) missing x3
      Not that I mind tho, ish fun~ :3c

    • Yeah, timezones are just trolling. Nobody likes you, SHOO! x3
      Seriously. they screw everything up. x3

      And thank you for more pumpkers :3c

    • That's totally fine ^w^
      I mean, there are different time zones and all, so you're totes fine :3c

    • Thank you for the Lantern~^w^

    • Oh my god, I just realized I best April fools prank to do, now make sure you tell no one.

      Imma make a new post on CSS but all the links lead to a Rick Roll

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