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User ID: #93665
Username: SeargentMuffins
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Dec 2019, 12:46 pm
Registered: 13 May 2017, 12:26 am

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CREDIT TO alxq for the CSS codes!
found here-->http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/61552-f2u-matching-profile-css

Color codes i found on my own and the background picure belongs to me~ Wish i could get it less blurry though lol! I'll be the first to say i'm not a coder!

"God's Own Prototype : Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die" - Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

I'm a crazy Mythological creature lover~

I also love crazy cats COUGH*Cheshire*COUGH.

Dragons are my main game though~

Space/ starry things/galaxy and sunset/sunrise designs are totally awesome and a major source of inspiration for me!

Dream villagers to acquire via costumes:
Mythic- Cat
Pirate-all (i want a pirate crew)
Reaper-all (i love the reapers)
Spooky-all besides dragon
Steampunk- Canine, Fox
Sorcerer- Dragon (love those colors)
Warrior- Fox
Angelic- Dragon

Grifforik from Eldemore and DeviantArt made this for me~ my crazy boy Lucky as a crazybean.

~~Happy Halloween~~
In my brain, it's halloween 24/7. Its my all time favorite holiday, More than Christmas even. Beam me up scotty.

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Comments 62

    • Yeah I plan on do CSS request like, twice a month soon :,)

    • ahh there's nothing to hard about it, atleast, the basic stuff is easy anyway -v-"

    • Oh why thank you, I'm all about the aesthetic ya kno?

      also I got some premade CSS f2u if you wanna have some sweet CSS

    • Bawh, thank you!! i do my best c:

    • Thank you for the candy!! <33

    • I appreciate the candy! Thanks so much. (:

    • What?! Where?! Is it the tan batbat?! I need-
      Oh you sneaky little-
      Hehe. I just leave this here: *puts down a new lantern with some candy*
      I'll be back... >:3

    • The candy is all yours! *I* insist!
      The candy is gooooood~

    • Oh no! I'd never start a candy-war! *gasps*
      Really. But here, have some more candy! >:D

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