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Username: Silverpelt60
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Last Online: 24 Feb 2020, 6:18 am
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I just want to say thank you to all you anon faries! I just get so excited after I get an anon transfer from one of you, and I wish I could give each and every one of you a gift and return. Happy holidays! ;v;(I would make this bigger but I have no idea how to change text sizes hECK-)

708-shifty-morphing-potion.pngSelling Shifty potions for 40k FC or 30 FD each! ^^708-shifty-morphing-potion.png

Hey there! Silver here, a roleplay-loving bookworm who spends way too much time on writing lore for their villagers! (Seriously, some of their bois are WAY too long. XD) Don't be afraid to say hi, I don't bite! Feel free to interact with my villagers, as I love to talk in character! My ultimate goal here on FurVilla is to have 100 paintied villagers! And as there are people on FurVilla that have already accomplished that goal, I am striving to have ALL of my villagers have a complete bio, containing their description, personality, backstory, relationships, and more! If you'd ever like to collaborate on villager lore, feel free to shoot me a PM! I'd love to see what we can come up with! ^^

Awesome people that I know:
SerenityStarla MariahKat Joey-wyvern @StellarHyena Pretty-Pink-Princess Imoku Dogstar

To-Do List:
Current: Collect a whole heckin lot of FC

Long-term Goals:
Update everyone's bios with their village relationships
Find out what the heck I should do for the rest of my villagers
Find partners for my villagers because they're so dang lonely
Buy art of all my villagers
Buy villagers that already have a paintie applied to them
Rethink FV financial plans

None at the moment!

My Touhou.se!: https://toyhou.se/Silverpelt60

Village Lore Below!


Silverflecked Village is a small village just on the south outskirts of Dragonsmaw Manor, located entirely outside of the Twisted Forest. It is surrounded by a large forest filled with dangerous monsters, so for that reason it is secluded and not many people know about it. The village itself is placed in a clearing, and consists of many different types of places despite its size. A couple noticeable buildings are the doctor's office, where the village doctor Fern heals patients while also works on her potions-unbeknownst to many-and the recreation center, run by Galaxy Kritter, where parties are held. There are two centers of the town-one being the office where the leader does their paperwork and the other being the village inn where outsiders may stay. Surprisingly, the Inn is the safest place in the village. The leader and founded of the village is Rain the reaper dragon, although her power has been challenged.

Around the village are a few areas of interest. There are the silver mines that carry an abundance of precious metals, which gave the village its name, but also a hidden cavern in the main cave that holds many valuable gems and minerals. However, this secluded cavern can only be reached after passing a tall drop-off, which is dangerous enough that it deters most from even trying to get to the jewels. Those that try are usually stopped and rescued by the cavern's protector, Tricky. There is also a swamp on the outskirts of the village, which is supplied with fresh water from a canal that runs all the way to the edge of Oceandome. There is also a large, mysterious temple located in the woods not far from Silverflecked Village, although its origin and build are unknown.

The inhabitants of Silverflecked Village are varied, to say the least. Some are there because they were childhood friends of Rain, while others went there in search of job opportunities that had already been taken in the larger towns. Some are friendly, some are antisocial, and some have secrets they would never wish to be brought to light. And of course, there are also the criminals. Those with past aggressions and terrible deeds, who flee into the forest south of Dragonsmaw in hopes of escaping justice. And there they would stumble upon a secluded but growing village, and decide to call it their new home, a clean slate where their past actions will not be punished. For who would have expected these villains to survive during their flight through the deadly forest, and thus search parties for these offenders are rarely put out. Interestingly enough, Rain forgives past grievances, but any sort of harm or illegal act against her people is swiftly dealt with and punished accordingly.

All are allowed in Silverflecked Village no matter how odd they may be (the word 'odd' being used loosely, of course) as long as they see Rain first. Rain does not allow anyone to stay in the village permanently without a meeting with her, although brief visitors are fine. After all, who is she to deny anyone an escape from the monsters in the forest?

I mostly play on mobile so I sometimes screw up and click things I don't mean to so yeah
Also, because I am the laziest person ever, I sometimes forget to respond to things. If you feel I am taking too long, feel free to give me a poke so that I remember!

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    • update started reading dangerous path WC

    • hi, how r u?

      i started thee 3rd WC book and am working on a book about firestar in starclan

    • Aestus and Reus are a no so far, but I may entertain selling you Anubis :0 and I'm fine with negotiations on my profile unless you'd rather move it to PMs. Either way, I'm okay. ^^

    • My tentative sales thread is still open but as I've said in the past, Riley is not up for offers at this time. I'd have to check with Tailgatescutebooty about selling Child though, as they're part of a species of hers that she never opened to the public.

      Duchess however, under good moral standing, I cannot sell. She was gifted to me by a user who left the site, and as such I morally cannot make a profit off her unless I were to add something to her.

    • what clan is it from?

      my personalaty is thunderclan based

    • your username sounds like a warrior cat name its cool

    • Angie is beautiful, we need more doves on this site!<3

    • You are quite welcome my friendo, and Wyngros kinnnndda look different depending on what you want to upgrade it to.


    • Ello its ya boi~ I wuold be willing to sell forgotten atm :3 just send me a pm

    • Oooh, I was thinking about those the other day, gotta start them up again!
      Anyway, yes, but Succulent pearl is sold. The ones available are on the thread. I think Succulent may have been the only one I sold :P

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