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I could have never made any CSS without Xynns,noll and Jennawings help! Thank you all!

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The Gargantuan Peaks

This biome is characterized by two massive, underwater mountain ranges, that are a home to a thriving and diverse ecosystem, due to a fertile soil in this area.
In the middle of the two ranges, is a long-collapsed underwater Volcano, that has turned into a deep crater, with an entrance to the massive complex of volcanic caves.

The pressure here is apparent, with the bottom of the ranges being at 500 meters of depth.

Nicknamed by Blue Glades as “Cavetown”, the complex is formed by a wide volcanic tube where magma was running through just a few centuries years ago. The tubes are long and they lead deeper into the ground, eventually connecting to a massive cave biome that is further divided into multiple areas.

While exploring certain areas, it has been shown that this is not the end- There are more tunnels that lead to unknown. The development of submarines that could make the journey is currently in progress.

Information about the whole expedition is safely protected and only a few individuals know whats going on down there- And even less know the exact details.

Blue Glades & Nest Base

A seabase is built into one of the ranges, facing away from the crater.
The structure is hidden inside the range and from the outside, only a large, rectangular window and three hatches are visible- Two smaller ones, side by side and one much bigger, little further away from the two.

Behind the window, an observatory is visible. Lately, it wasn't serving much purpose, other than occasional retreat. From there, Ethanael communicates with sharkies, who were bred to survive greater pressure than their cousins. There are currently five of those special sharks and they are used to take recordings of the unknown area before a Seamoth will be deployed, to ensure the safety of the environment.

As their systems are only able to process artificial food, they wouldn't survive on their own and so, they are bound to always return to the base when their mission is done. There's a water-proof, thermal camera planted on their backs, that automatically records everything and sends it to a supercomputer at the base.

Many people had suggested replacing the Sharks with underwater dwelling serpents, but there are many flaws with this plan and its still in process of debates.

The hatches are connected to vehicle docks, from there seamoths leave the safe walls of Seabase. The third hatch is used for Supply Submarine, that makes trip to Oceandome every month for supplies- Be it food or machinery.

The entire base bears an resemblance to a nest of ants, that's where the name comes from.
Tunnels go through the entire range, joining rooms together.

Not many people would be willing to spend entirety of their time under the ocean, constantly being surrounded by deadly waters and then exploring the unexplored depths, trapped in space of Seamoth.

People who are part of this mission are called “Blue Glades”
They are split into two fractions- The ones who operate the machinery and set it together, make sure the base is in good condition and much more. They are the ones who make sure that everything is going as its supposed to. This group is led by a Roo named Rigel.

The other one is in control of the research itself. Rigel's husband and renowned geological Oceanographer, Zephyr, is seen as the head of this study.

Together, they control everything that's going on the inside of the base- But the outside isn't in theirs.



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