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User ID: #95557
Username: bbybirb
Gender: Female
Last Online: 12 Apr 2020, 6:17 am
Registered: 10 Jun 2017, 1:25 pm
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❤notes to self:❤ ( feel free to remind me!!)
❤make gecko paintie
❤draw for Kitsune_Galaxy


❤ Welcome ❤

5O2RcuS.png❤I do commissions, painties + art trades❤5O2RcuS.png

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    • I just took some pain killers as well X3

    • I just needed to rest is all ^w^

    • it's feeling much better,thank you for asking X3

    • Hi :) just saw your comment on my profile and I do not own a chicken!(wish i did though) I hope that the chicken you were looking for is ok c:

    • I already feel a bit better since I haven't moved in like an hour so it's fine X3

    • Thank you X3 I'm sure it'll feel fine once i stop moving for like,ever lol

    • We walked around for hours! I have a slightly messed up knee so I limped alot and it kinda hurt X3

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