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User ID: #9975
Username: Monika
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:11 pm

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♩♪♫♬ lets go to the club and get stupified

My favourite smell is freezer.

My favourite flavour is teeth.

My favourite colour is neon clear.

{Please don't ban me! My IP changes often, I travel between North America and Europe a lot!]



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    • crownes omg I love that, it's now officially being named the crowne army.

      I know what you mean, I've never actually seen it happen real-time on this site (mostly because I'm not on the forums that much anymore) but I've heard rumours... Well, good luck in your economical adventures, pal, and may the force non-aggressive furvilla users be with you.

    • Darth Radar appreciates your compliments to his army of birds. (I’m gonna get 66 of them one day...)
      Do you really think people would ‘Lynch mob’ you? It’s a neat technique... anyhow, I reckon keep it up for as long as you can, but if people are getting antsy then I guess you should slow down.

    • Just wanted to come by and thank you for buying out my stall's medicines, and also give you a pat on the back for your buy/sell technique. That's dedication at it's finest.

    • No prob! ^_^

    • Thanks very much! Hope I'll be able to give the level of help that everyone asks for and needs~ X3

    • Dude, is it bad that I went to your profile just because I saw Monika? XD
      Monika is best girl though, don't lie.

    • We tried to drag another poor soul into it ..... didn't work unfortunately. Two out of the four waifus left in limbo.

    • I drew myself as a very ugly Yuri while my bro drew himself as Sayori tonight, it must be stopped.

    • I clicked on your profile to check out your stall and all I see is "Just Monika" and I about combusted-- DDLC has ruined me lmfaoo

    • Yep, it is ^^

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