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Villager: Rusty

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ID: #125742

Name: Rusty

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 3 years, 11 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Arch-Guardian-Angel

Species: Canine

Color: Red


House: FurCash House

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I am a Proud Aussie, this Australian Shepherd is very special to me <3


Male •❤• He/Him •❤• Australian Shepherd •❤• 28

Rusty was born and raised in Australia. In Australia most, working dogs are trained to be cattle herders, but for Rusty, he didn't want to be a sheep or cattle herder but a Construction Builder. Rusty sent off on adventure through the outback searching far and wide but no builder wanted an Australian Shepherd as a Construction builder they wanted a strong wolf to help build but for Rusty he was strong he trained while he was on the road to find the ideal job dream for himself but in the end Rusty was frustrated he had already begun to give until he runs into a puppy he thought he was dreaming he rubbed his eyes gaping at the puppy with white little wings and golden light circling her head.

The Angel Puppy giggled as she soon realises she was being stared at she turned around and smiled: "Is something the matter?" Rusty coughed blushing a little "It's nothing usually Angel's are unseen by the naked eye but here you are standing, and everyone else is staring too." The Angel Puppy giggled. "Oh I am very real, but I am not like an actual real angel that's my breed to some it's strange, but I don't take to mind what others think but is there something you are searching for perhaps?" Rusty scratched the back of his head what harm could there be telling this stranger he blushed again and spoke "I have been all over Australia and the outback searching for the job in Construction" he growled slightly as the other furs snorted and snickered when they overheard him but for the Angel she was smiling not a mocking smile to mock and ridicule his dreams.

The Angel Puppy smiled brightly "Is that so? I have needed a Construction Builder in the Village known as Quetzal Palace a village high in the clouds, do not worry there is stairs going all the way up to the little village it's up to you though, I am about to leave and head home you may wish to follow me or not" The angel replied with her back turned to Rusty "Oh my name is Angel Angelic (That's Me) by the way if you were curious" she giggled and walked out of the little restaurant and started to head north.

Rusty stood there stunned unable to comprehend what just happened "Was this fate or luck?" every other fur apologized for their rudeness Rusty just shrugged and smiled but few minutes past he ran out yelling out to the Angel Puppy "Hey wait up! If you want a construction builder, then I am coming with you!" Angel turned and stopped waiting for the out of breath Aussie Shepherd to catch up "We have a long journey ahead of us" Rusty puffed out his chest and barked a happy excited bark "I am ready for anything if it's for my Dream Career then I am willing!" she smiled at him once more and continued along with the Australian Shepherd all the way to the Village in the Clouds.


Say hello to my hard worker <3 Rusty is an Australian Shepherd currently there is no species colour for him in the wolf section but hopefully, they will do it then I can buy a sheep dog potion to change his colour x3 once it becomes Available!


Name: Rusty
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Australian Shepherd
Personality: Hyper, loving, helpful, protective, hard worker and smart.
Dislikes: Laziness, bad employees, bullying, and Chocolate.
Likes: Chicken treats, reading, working hard and construction.



Paintie Art © TheGermanTaco

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