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Villager: Faux



Villager Info

ID: #129659

Name: Faux

Gender: Demiboy

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Snodove

Species: Manokit

Color: Clownfish


House: House has been destroyed.

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Approved: 14 Jul 2016, 2:33 pm

Likes: 21 ♥

Tags: manokit rainbow future

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Faux no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Faux into a FC slot.


Faux | Demiboy | He/Him | Joyful, Enthusiastic | Insecure, Flighty

Faux always loves changing his appearance and getting modifications done to his body. Unfortunately, sometimes he glitches and has to go through some pain, but he always remains cheerful and optimistic.

Manokit potion made by me!! Drop me a message if you're interested in buying one!
Paintie made by me!
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Comments 9

    • We meet again, my doppelganger!

    • So, yeah-- this threw me off when I purchased those wuffs from you!

    • Oh...my gosh...HOW CUTE??!! The presh is here people

    • AHHH so beautiful!!! <3

    • Oh my lord, much love. <3

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