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Villager: Imalja

Villager Info

ID: #136197

Name: Imalja

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 21 days ago

Career: Crafter

Owner: Sigilmancy

Species: Manokit

Color: Orca


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (192/231)

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Approved: 8 Sep 2016, 3:12 pm

Likes: 9 ♥

Tags: manokit blue green ocean moshemouse

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Imalja belonged to a noble family, but he never felt like he fit in with them. He wanted to be more than that, he wanted to see the world and not be confined by everyone being so afraid such adventures would leave him hurt or killed or somehow changed for the worse.

It was sheer luck that he was sent to a meeting of noble families and other prominent members of society; his older siblings were busy or had the option to turn down going, and his father had other meetings to attend to that he deemed more important than that one so he sent Imalja along. He trusted his teenage son to behave himself and not make the family look terrible, at the very least.

The meeting did not go as planned. Instead, those seeking to cause chaos in the world invaded and killed most inside. Imalja played dead and once the survivors were outside he set the place ablaze and slipped out himself. With those who had lived having seen his corpse and no means to identify what remained Imalja was presumed dead. He knew he'd miss his family and what few friends he had, but this was his opportunity to escape and have the life he always wanted.

Eventually Imalja came across a village and settled in. He had learned how to make things with his hands as a way to pass the time as a bored nobleman and refined those skills on the road in order to make a living. So he was accepted by the villagers and became the resident craftsman and decided he would settle there and make a new life for himself there.

Paintie by @Moshemouse

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    • @Moshemouse

      Yes he did, and I'm so glad! Thank you for making the paintie for him, I'll be updating his profile shortly with all the info and credit to you as well ^^

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