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Villager: Astra Hawke


Villager Info

ID: #137717

Name: Astra Hawke

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Moonlit-Comet

Species: Owl

Color: Great Horned


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/250)

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Approved: 7 Jan 2017, 5:20 pm

Likes: 20 ♥

Tags: ghost dead hood shadowbeast

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All comments made by Astra are in-character!
Voice claim:

Svaklar ui jaci? Svaklar tira jaci gethrisj?
Si llewarin jacion.
Confn spical, sia moxt arytiss!
Svaklar re wux?
Jaci ui loex. Jaci ui gethrisja.
Si mi vi phlita dask.
These words are in Draconic and do not have anything inappropriate in them. Translate at your will.

"I am so sorry... Have you seen my child, Tichiir? It is hard to keep track of him these days, what with me passing on and all... Oh, do not be afraid! You look like you have seen a ghost! Which you are, unfortunately. I am a little out of touch with reality, you see. My core never quite caught up with its form when I was last killed. But have no fears, for I have no will to harm you. I am merely looking for my son."

Comments 2

    • "No, you didn't frighten me, there's just something in my eye." //wipes tears// "I'm fine."

    • //tearing up// "There's something in my eye... Sorry."

      (oml I love this, crying)

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