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Villager: Rosabel



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ID: #138086

Name: Rosabel

Gender: Intersex

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Silverpelt60

Species: Canine

Color: Husky


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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"What, are you afraid? I tell you, dearie, there's no need to be scared of a few bruises and blood~"

Rosabel is a traveling wolf who has been to a number of different towns and hamlets. He stays at each to see how long he can get away with his... hobbies, before moving on to the next temporary abode. The last place he lived was in Olde Foxbury, then Oceandome, then an assortment of other temporary homes that he can’t even remember. It all leads back to a small hamlet, the first place Rosabel lived since becoming cursed, that’s actually not too far from Silverflecked Village, All that Rosabel can remember concerning what happened before his arrival at said hamlet is acquiring his curse, though how that even occurred is a mystery to him. All that Rosabel knows was that there was probably screaming, for that was back when he was weak and pitiful and hadn’t yet got the taste for blood. As for how long he will stay at Silverflecked Village, well, Rosabel has lived there for quite some time and hasn’t thought of moving just yet. Sure, Rain is a nuisance, but he’s always free to do what he wants outside of the village walls. For now, Rosabel is content, although ever once in a while he does enjoy visiting the memories of his past.

Despite their obvious injuries, Rosabel seems to be as heathy as the average canine can be. They never seem to stop producing blood, and their leg is always leaving a trail of rose pink blood. They say that once you can look past all their bruises and patches of blood-stained fur, that they're actually really sweet, and 'an absolute dear to talk with'. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Despite the fact that everything Rosabel says seems to be kindly with your best intentions in mind, their voice drips with an ominous sense of malice. They always seem to be scheming something when they talk, their hidden plans lying just behind their pale, slimy eyes,

One should always be worried when Rosabel talks about fear. They warn you not to be afraid of them, lest it may have unforeseen consequences. For Rosabel is very vain, hungry for the appreciation and love of others, and if one goes so far as to continuously express their fear of Rosabel even after multiple warnings, than Rosabel will make sure of it that it wound not be worth their while. It is rumored that if you look into Rosabel's left eye when it is open, your heart will stop in fear and horror of what you have just witnessed. If this is indeed true, then only those with a strong stomach can survive the experience-and those are the ones who Rosabel pines for.

For some reason, Rosabel can not stop bleeding from the scratches on their midsection and what remains of their missing leg. If they sustain any more wounds, or lose flesh from their already short right leg, they will somehow regenerate it within the course of a day or so. To regenerate, heal, and keep bleeding, Rosabel must keep themselves healthy. They can do this by eating, drinking water, sleeping on a regular basis, the kind of stuff essential to a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be an affliction, curse, or possibly a blessing, Rosabel doesn't mind it, although they are often peeved when they are forced to where bandages and a prosthetic leg when they travel outside of the village. Rosabel hates prosthetic legs, as they are uncomfortable on their open wound. They much prefer a cane or staff, preferably a gray and red one.

Rosabel's voice is mostly masculine, but slightly feminine as well since they were born a female. Think like Shane Dawson but more sinister.
Pronouns are He/Him, They/Them, Xi/Xer, She/Her (in that order) actually you can call them anything really they don't care in the slightest

Lore is definitely WIP, still working on building up this character.

~ Rosabel ~ Non-Binary ~ Mid 20's ~
- - -
Original Owner
Adorable artwork by sheardie
Beautiful paintie by Sylvester
Funds to upload provided by the lovely Lance-C-Bones

Comments 6

    • "You have a point, my dear. But if I ever did get caught and had to stop ... why, I'd simply lose my mind!

      I don't know much about it, I tend to keep to myself - the poor dear didn't seem to want to discuss it with me. Well, at least she has that serpent to keep her company. *tuts* Indeed it is a shame that Ocu won't speak of it either, I'm quite curious. I'm sure the beast will eventually come round!

      Yes, that is she! What an odd little thing; never seen a creature quite like her. Quite prim and proper. Oh my, is that so? I'll have to finally introduce myself and inform her! I wouldn't be surprised if she came to visit this 'F.E.' of yours. She seemed quite eager when she mentioned this twin, perhaps it's why she came to this corner of DMM in the first place."

      (AAA AMAZING ♡ I still need to do Kaligari's story ahdhshhd I'm so bad at writing xwx;)

    • "Ahh, understandable. Most places aren't accepting of my hobbies either, hahaha! Although, I try to be discreet myself.

      Ah, interesting! So that's where they ended up. Morrigan did tell me that they had parted ways, but I wouldn't have imagined they'd end up at your quaint village! What a small world. On the same subject, I've recently spoken to a lovely piece of fresh meat by the name of Astrid. Landed herself a job pretty quickly. Told me she has a twin sister who she hasn't seen for a long while."

    • "Ah! I remember you from the village. How could I forget your blood's delicious scent? Although, yours has always seemed quite ... off. I can't put my finger on it. At any rate, it's nice to see you again - Rosaline, was it? Fufufu. Yes, I've found my red dress to be very uhh, beneficial. Yes, I agree that you would benefit from one too!"

    • Woah, this is... amazing, tbh. Reallu, really detailed :o

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