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Villager: Anor

Villager Info

ID: #146108

Name: Anor

Gender: Neutrois

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 25 days ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Devotion

Species: Horse

Color: Black

Costume: Beast


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/113)

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Comments 7

    • (I love you, gooey kitty!!) Thank you for your comment, I'm assuming that means you like my lil lemur bab! Unfortunately, I have no clue as I bought him years ago before I organized my adoptables through toyhou.se and bought him through deviantart on an old account I've since abandoned. ;_; I'm sorry I couldn't be of anymore help, but I do remember that he was called a "tropical sugar lemur" or something along those lines ^^;; ♥

    • 10/10 fursona tho omg
      Would you mind if I drew him? <3

    • Woah! I love this character! <3

    • Hiya there, see all pretty now~

    • Thank thankies. He will be well loved. I did nix his comments just because I don't think I would feel right keeping comments for someone else's villager. >< He will get a paintie as soon as I can find someone willing to do art for a kitty!

    • Rawr rawr! (Gorgeousss)

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