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Villager: Prism



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ID: #156355

Name: Prism

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 8 days ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Ninjago

Species: Gembound

Color: Emerald


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 29 Jul 2016, 3:34 am

Likes: 137 ♥

Tags: purple rainbow fursona gembound gemstone

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Prism looks stunning!


Paintie by Arle

Moodboard/aesthetic by AnxietyMouse

Weapon of choice: c h a i n s a w

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    • Agreed! Emerald is a awesome birth stone, I love your Paintie by the way!!

    • 'Horse vs a horse sized wolf... this could be amusing!' She chuckled and curled up neatly on the gound. Crossing her front paws to rest her head on them, watching the direction of the hoofbeats with a smirk.

    • Turning back from the shadows at the sound Cinder raised a brow. 'I would be careful little one. Most would consider that a compliment from me... or do you not know who I am?' Sighing she muttered, ' well if you kept away from the underworld so to speak, you wouldn't would you... so I'll say this once. Don't push me. You won't like the results...'

      (Opps the one thing this oldie hates xD I do actually like Prisim just so you know. Cinder has her own mind. And she ain't friendly.)

    • 'What? These ones? I've had them for ages... my sister sorted me out but it seems the scars will remain' she huffed. 'I doubt they'd get infected. The skin is actually completly healed, they're just a mark now. Well, aside from the muscle damage but we can't have everything can we?'

      'What about you? Failed lab experiment eh? Shouldn't drink it if you don't know what it is little cat! I must say it suits you though. Turned one of those aweful creatures into something.... tolerable... a wolf would have been better but there we go.' She turned to the shadows and disappeared, seeming to blend into the darkness.

      (Don't mind Cinid. She's a rude old gal at times x3 and she doesn't like cats.... well most cats anyway)

    • Valio placed his hoof on the box, but he didn't yet open it. "Thank you, this should be very helpful. If you're on a tour, I'd recommend stopping by one of our many shops or activity centers. If you'd like to go out further into the wilderness, we have several warriors who would be more than happy to take you there for a
      reasonable price." He picked up his pen again, and went back to scrawling on the neat lines of his paperwork, "If anything else concerns you, my office's always open!"

      (I used to be a big role player, bursting out into short RPs is my forte!)

    • People mulled about across main street. If one didn't know about the reputation of the town, they probably wouldn't be able to tell that many of the casual strollers and couples were ex-criminals or asylum seekers. A few shady characters were hidden in the loose crowd, but most of them seemed like regular people. Beyond them, there were rows of shops and houses built close together, with smoke rising lazily out of the chimneys like dragon breath. Further than that was the wilderness beyond, likely full of monsters, bandits, illness and other such woes that the residents of Tenset probably didn't like to think about. Valio spoke up again, "Is there anything else I can help you with, miss?"

    • Valio's office was in a prime location to see the town's villagers walking along main street, just in front of the town hall. Everything was permanently dusted with a light cover of snow, even when it was bright and sunny. Valio's ear gave a slight flick, "Yes, Tenset was unnamed for many years, but I finally held a town meeting to amend that. Though, we came very close to being voted "Frozen Hellhole" by a few dozen votes! Many of our residents have a... unique sense of humor, ahaha."

    • Another soft laugh escapes from the bull's lips, "Ahaha, perhaps little isn't so fitting to most people, but you must remember that we're an independent settlement, separate from the township of Tigereye Peak. Dealing with such large players makes us feel rather small in comparison." He gives a wink and a smile, "But, regardless, welcome to our big little town."

    • Sam quickly accepts the offering, "Thanks, man. Though, where'd you find such a thing?" Sam questions, bringing it up to his mouth. He takes a puff, before exhaling into Prism's face.

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