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Villager: Lisen


Villager Info

ID: #160039

Name: Lisen

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Moge-ko

Species: Hyena

Color: Brown


House: House has been destroyed.

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Lisen no longer has a house! They will be unable to work. Please replace the house or move Lisen into a FC slot.




Lisen is a young, impulsive hyena who loves to learn new stuff and making friends. However, he's bad at both: The former because he has difficulty when trying to focuse something, also because he's partially deaf (50% hearing loss, but please don't scream at them in hopes of making them hear you. He doen't give a diddly-darn-fudge about it, if you do so he will refuse to read your lips to try to understand you). The latter because he is ignorant, dramatic and there is no walkthrough that teaches how to make friends yet.

Despite his blatant rudeness, he always pretends not to care about anyone or anything when in reality he does a lot and is very bad at lying. Lisen always tries his best to be creative while painting and cooking. As a part-time job he likes to play with minipets a lot while taming them, one could say he likes them more than other people.

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