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Villager: Anabelle



Villager Info

ID: #207342

Name: Anabelle

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 1 year, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: CaptainAnabelle

Species: Canine

Color: Captain Pug

House: FurCash House

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Anabelle has fallen ill with Cloud Sickness. Number of explorations per hour is halved. This illness can be cured with Bottled Rainstorm.

Anabelle looks stunning!



"I swear Amber, if you play another prank on me, you'll have this scythe through your skull."

While wandering throughout Quetzal Palace, a loud shout from a nearby house draws you in. Inside you find a White Canine, struggling to fix her Serpent Festival Dress. You look around the house, spotting a Scythe hung up on a wall, and a picture of a White Lioness, a Mustelid in a dress, and a Dutch Angel Dragon. The canine notices you, groaning and putting on a frustrated face.
Uuugh. What are you doing here? Don't you have your OWN things to worry about?

I guess you aren't leaving. Fine. I will tell you a LITTLE bit about myself. I used to be an Engineer and Pilot for space shuttles, before I became a War General and Adviser. Now I mostly stay put, tend to my animals, and run my guild with my friend Quill. The end. Go away.

You're STILL HERE?! Can't you take a HINT?! Uuugh, fine I'll tell you about Amber. Amber's my First Mate on missions, and a personal childhood friend of mine. White Sapphire's my Seer, assigned to me for Elite Missions. Scapolite's my personal bodyguard. Quill was a Fennec I met after I settled down here. We are both writers, and we both are the runners of The Furvilla Writers Guild. NOW GO HOME.

You see her turn away, and gently grab her Security Beta Bug up from the air.

I wasn't yelling at you, Malachite. You watch as she violently turns around to face you. I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE.

(Mascot for The Writing Guild! Don't worry, she's much nicer than she seems when it comes to writing)
I swear she wasn't a Gemsona before this, but one day I'll upload this for her.

Comments 12

    • haha thank you so much for the comment on Alduin! I named him a couple years ago after that Dashing Dragon, and it's stuck to him since haha :P

    • They are quite charming critters! I've never had the opportunity to own one myself, but I hear they make interesting pets. What a lovely name for your sibling's snake! :D

    • my first ever babies were cornsnakes, rip i miss them so
      snakes are just long puppies?????

    • Mat said it was really pushing it though, so I now know where the absolute upper extreme for redrawn bases lies lol.

    • nothing "got past" lol. it's safely within the human trait limit, having only 2 on the list (skin tone and head shape), the problem i had which requires a rejection appeal was actually it barely following the base.

    • I got the rainbow cat myself :3 I'm glad to like it ahh.. I'm glad to have a pet that fits the gay agenda so well aha. though i wish i could get all the rainbow cloud pets

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