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Villager: Aeyron



Villager Info

ID: #208842

Name: Aeyron

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 3 years, 11 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Imoku

Species: Dragon

Color: Green


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (80/118)

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Aeyron looks stunning!



Aeyron tumblr_inline_nofcxfK2UD1ry72eo_75sq.gif Male tumblr_inline_nofcxfK2UD1ry72eo_75sq.gif Herpetologist
Loves nothing more than his sweet scalies!

♡ Melete, Mneme & Aoide ♡

Paintie art by me
Headshot art by Cheesh
Explorer art by Tspuun

Comments 15

    • (Wow he's a Herpetologist? Maybe I should make his brother an Entomologist. Ha.)

    • Thank you so much! This paintie is really clever, i love it

    • Aaw, thanks~ ; w; <3
      What a handsome draggo!

    • Thanks so much for the kind comments! Your dragon-pupper is a cutie too!

    • Thesra's eyes light up and she beams Aeyron. "Oh my goodness, well aren't you a cutie pie! And thank you, too!"
      (he is cute and i want to cry)

    • Yes! it's one of my favorite games too! I play the game since it launched and I've played the first alice as well , American Mcgee on proposal for a new alice game (Alice: Asylum) so I'm crossing fingers for it >.<
      And thanks! I didn't intend to make her with some kind of reference, I didn't expect that ._. but this is great makes me feel more motivated c: thank you! I loved your paintie too specially the specie, is a nice hybrid c:

    • stop you're gonna make me cry omfg. this character is my fursona and your comment is so sweet what the heck <3

    • *gasps* a dog? Mixed with a dragon? :o
      You're amazing! I wish to boop you!

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