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Villager: Agent Carol Torres


Villager Info

ID: #221034

Name: Agent Carol Torres

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 5 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Lupineleigh

Feast Points: 30

Species: Canine

Color: Shetland Sheepdog


House: FurCash House

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Agent Carol Torres is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Agent Carol Torres looks stunning!

Agent Carol Torres's very special treasures!


The most organized spy you'll meet, Carol sorts and memorizes data as she reads files and can recall most of what she has seen or read within a few minutes. She can piece together random bits of information to form a lead on a case, and with her trained sense of smell, she can follow the clues to the culprit or the missing person. When she's not organizing dossiers and evidence boxes, she's at home making cookie dough to store in her freezer until she sees someone who could use cheering up. She's the first to offer a smile, a tissue, and a fresh cookie, and maybe even a card if she knows you well enough. A kind soul, she does her job brcause she hopes to make a difference. Her best friend is Dimitri. http://www.furvilla.com/villager/170018
You can ask Carol questions on tumblr https://agent-carol-torres.tumblr.com/


Comments 39

    • "Right...I hope we're not too late yet." He said and let Carol call the director. Brian felt so strange about this. How could he not recognize one of the most wanted criminals? That's literally his job.

    • Brian read through the list. "Uhhhh...she's one of the most wanted people." He said quietly. "Sabotage, violent crimes, smuggling thing....even murder."

    • Brian looked through the list and then suddenly stopped. "Is that her?" He pointed at the screen. She looks really like the cat you talked to." The husky said.

    • Brian smiled. "Yeah, maybe I should try to bake something easy some time."

      The husky listened carefully. He did think that she's the original one, but then suddenly he remembered how he was the one who was searching for this Maura Johnson and found out that the original one was a small fennec fox nurse. "Yeah, she can't be original Maura Johnson. The original Maura is a fennec fox from Oceandome, not a cat." He rubbed his chin. "Yeah, she probably was avoiding me because she knew I would recognize her...But who is she, really?" He said and finished his cocoa. The feline sure sounded like a criminal in his opinion.
      "I have a feeling she's a very important criminal...Too bad I don't have the list of most wanted criminals here with me..."

    • "Aww, that's cute~" He chuckled. "Baking isn't really my thing...I once tried to bake gingerbread cookies on Christmas and they...well...it didn't went well. Since then I've never tried to bake again."
      The husky rubbed his chin. "I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere...I think someone's list of aliases had that name?" He said, feeling bad since he couldn't remember whose aliases were they. What kind of agent forgets criminals' aliases? "Maybe it's just a coinsidence? At least I hope it's nothing serious...." Because that would mean more work, and he hasn't been getting enough breaks, especially sleep.
      "Tigereye Peak, huh? Only some people enjoy living there..." That cold, snowy village. Despite being a husky Brian literally hated that village. When he was a kid his father took him there for a few weeks to meet their relatives. One day Brian caught hypothermia and had to spend a little less than a month in the hospital.
      "Wait, did you say married woman? Criminals rarely get married... Maybe that's how we can find out who this cat is."

    • Brian took the cookie Carol was offering to him and smiled. "You're welcome. I hear you're really good at baking cookies." The husky smiled. "I respect people who can cook and bake food. I can't even manage to cook a simple meal...I once tried baking something...I think croissants, I'm not sure... and literally forgot to take them out of the oven. Oh well, luckily there's a food store near my house." He chuckled.

      "Maura Johnson, huh? Her name sounds familiar." He tried to remember if he ever met any cats called 'Maura Johnson'. The husky still couldn't remember anything about her.
      "Yeah, we should...We should also talk about the monsters and the loot, too. No one seems to know where does the loot come from..."

    • The husky smiled and gave Carol the cookie bag. "I bought these for you." He took the cup gently and took a sip. He loved cocoa, and could drink it all day. "Mmm...It tastes so good." He said and looked at Carol.
      "Hey, who was that cat?" Brian asked. "She looks really familiar, it's like I've seen her somewhere..."

      //Aaa that's okay! <3

    • "You too, miss." He said and turned to look around the shop. He noticed the shop shelf full of pastry He walked to the pastry shelf and bought a bug full of cookies. It would be really rude if he wouldn't buy anything to another agent.

    • "December 22? That's a good day." The cat nodded."I do enjoy Christmas as well. I mean, who doesn't?" She said. "My husband's birthday is on December 31st, sometimes he joked about how "the whole world was celebrating his birthday"." Juni smiled.
      She looked back and noticed that the blonde agent & the other canine are done with their conversation. Gotta go before he notices me. She thought and looked at her watch. "Man, time sure flies fast." Juni said. She put on her coat and smiled at Carol. "Oh well, I have to go now. My friend's waiting me at the quest shop. It was nice meeting you, ma'am." She smiled at Carol. "I hope we'll meet again soon~"

    • "Of course, miss. I'll make sure we find out where these items really come from." Brian nodded.

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