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Villager: Phoenix



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ID: #229684

Name: Phoenix

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: WhiteVixen

Species: Velociraptor

Color: Red Tailed Hawk


House: FurCash House

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Phoenix looks stunning!

Phoenix's very special treasures!


(Paintie Soon)

She was born from a flame. Not just any regular flame of course a flame that only hits once in a blue moon.

My name used to be Saturnalia,but that all changed on the day I was 'reborn'. There is the legend of how one is 'chosen' to be reborn every 4 years. I didnt believe in this at the time,but now...I have become one. Let's stop with my jibber jabber and get on with how this happened.

"Saturnalia dear,time for you to get to work! You can't be late again." Elizabeth,my mother called to me.

"Yes,mother" I yelled back.

This is the day that everything in my life changed. Everything happens for a reason was what I was told,but how this happened to me, I didnt see a reason in it at the time.

I started walking out towards my new job. Nothing special about it, just as a tour guide. Walking into the place I noticed something odd. Usually everything is busy with new tourists. Then I heard it,the click of a gun. No warning,nothing from what you see in the movies. Just a clean shot to the head and that was it,nothing hurt,it was like falling into a soft abyss.

I am now standing next to my mother. 'I thought I was dead' I kept thinking to myself. When I turned my head,there I saw it,my coffin. Looking back at my mother she's covered in tears. There's no way I can comfort her in all of this. The priest then says the final words "May she rest in peace" Everything goes black, that was the last time I saw this world,or so I thought.

~~4 Years Later~~

I awake with the smell of fire in my nose. I cough and wheeze. 'Am I in hell' I scream at myself. Then able to see,I look around. It's a simple house,not like hell at all. "Where..am...I?" I cough out. Nobody answers me right away,but then a voice in the wind breaths "You're home..."

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