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Villager: Martin the Messenger



Villager Info

ID: #238634

Name: Martin the Messenger

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: SamTheHusky

Genus: Galactic Shifty

Species: Saggitari/Centaur

Color: Aether


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/100)

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Approved: 23 May 2017, 2:07 am

Likes: 213 ♥

Tags: cute happy messenger stellarhyena

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Martin the Messenger's very special treasure!


Paintie made by @stellarhyena

If you would like to be added to Martin's delivery route please click HERE

Please note that Martin is almost always in a bubbly happy mood. He Always replies in character.

"Oh! Hello there! My name is Martin. I am the messenger of this village, you might have seen me around! Please come by and visit me any time, rose and i don't mind the company."

Martin not only delivers messages, he delivers packages as well! When he isn't resting he is delivering packages, who knows, maybe he will visit you!

Martin's current mood: He is his normal cheerful self!

-To be updated-

Friends: Martin considers just about everyone a friend, but if your villager pops up here it is because he seems to like visiting them!

A few facts about Martin and Rose

Rose is his service animal. She helps to keep him calm as Martin actually has severe anxiety. It is the reason he keeps the hare with him at all times.

Martin has Mammalian Meat Allergy. Basically he is allergic to red meats.

(This song is here because i was listening to it when i created Martin!)

Martin absolutely appreciates all pieces of art done for him, but so as not to lag his profile they have been moved to his Toyhouse!
Martin's Toyhouse!

Things Martin carries with him
2230-warrior-princess-big-cat-plush.png -Gifted to him by Taj

3048-mayor-ana-plushie.png- Gifted to him by Taemin

2666-manta-shield.png- Gifted to him by Merry

328-white-cloudog.png- Gifted to him by squeaks_the_dutchie

Comments 446

    • "What a beautiful name for your pet! I'll try to give you a gift!"

    • Aw thank you so much for the delivery Martin! I really appreciate it!! <3
      (And thank you for your kind words!! ;-; <3)

    • *boops the messager as I travel doing my daily explorations*

    • Sam returned the money back to the messenger quickly, "I'm not a charity case honey - you look like you'd need this more than I do.~"

      ((sorry for the late response! but thank you for the very generous gift ;w; i cant accept it though bc i didn't do anything to warrant it but just knowing that you'd give me such a random, nice gift makes me feel warm <3 thank you!))

    • Paz grins and takes the snow sheep in their paws. As they touch the snowy wool of the animal, they instinctively blurt "Oh, wow, you're cold-!" Meanwhile a black witchy sits on Paz's shoulder, nervously eyeing the delivery man.
      After a moment of admiration of the sheep's fluff, Paz puts the sheep under their arm and uses their freed hand to fish some coins out of a pocket, then offers the coins to Martin.
      "Here. Thanks for the delivery."

    • *joyful rumbling* Thank you Martin! You absolutely made my day!

    • aw, thank you!

    • thank you very much!

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