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Villager: Roxanne

Villager Info

ID: #238896

Name: Roxanne

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 3 years, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Ragzoti

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/195)

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By ADoggoInASweater as a birthday present from my sister :3

Roxanne is my finsona and I <3 her muches! Her hair is blonde but looks white because of how long she's in the sun. I'll probably comment in character so feel free to ask away ;)

Roxanne loves to hangout and loiter at the beach. Anything form making sandcastles, wading, tide-pool watching to surfing she'll indulge in gladly. A goat named Kid is 'mentored' by Roxanne, he's only 8 and she's taught him all about the tides, life, the beach, and the occult. The last one is more Kid's area of expertise though. Gatorskater tumblr_ooxmqzMivx1vzuhdfo4_540.jpg Starchaser
From "draw the villager above you poorly"
dowryyytos shork_by_w3avile-dba8ey1.png
Art by me <3

Surfs up, waddup Kai (Cakooie )

Comments 41

    • lol same, I haven't bothered with the battling at all but I'm loving the npcs!! The maiden canine and princess big cat keep avoiding me tho. >w>;


    • !! wAH Roxanne looks so effin' rad omg *×* this paintie is amazing!! and I see she's got some more art, noice! <3 I wish i could skate lmao it just makes getting around look 110% cooler. ;w;
      eep thanks m'dude!! Ye Imoku's loving the breeze in her new shorts. B) how you enjoying the tournament so far?

    • The most perfect shark 10/10 <3

    • Haha. XD It took me a bit to catch what you meant by it since I didn't get intensely into HP (though I like it).
      I think Voldey got my Cedric just a little bit though, judging by the gore. XD He doesn't seem to mind though!

    • Wubbadubdub welcomes any and all hugs.

    • Wubbadubdub likes that song, very much. And hadn't heard of it for years. Wubbadubdub thanks you very much.

      Wubbadubdub also notices you are, too, a finned creature. Sea Buddies.

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