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Villager: Aell



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ID: #240358

Name: Aell

Gender: Agender

Location: Oceandome

Born 3 years, 2 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: ChocoChip

Species: Rabbit

Color: Tuxedo

Costume: Angelic


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 16 Feb 2018, 9:52 pm

Likes: 20 ♥

Tags: blue warrior rabbit black storm angelic electric lightning

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blue_sapphire_hens_and_chicks_by_sincomm Tribune Of Stormsblue_sapphire_hens_and_chicks_by_sincomm

Not much of a Talker but when they are speaking you should absolutely listen- Those are the words you could use to describe Aell.
They had been part of Blueglades Union ever since the beginning.
Aell belonged to a group of Traveling Knights, mostly Veteran Guardian Angels and Angels who failed their task (Or dropped out mid-training for one reason or another).
Aell was with them because they were rendered color blind at the age of 16. Let me explain.

They had been set to oversee a daughter of one of most influential merchants in Quetzal Palace- The daughter herself was a Sorcerer novice, quite gifted at that. She prized her talent of potion making the most.
At the time, Aell was trying their best to keep their colorblindness a secret and it worked quite well- They didn't have any issue with it and they didn't see it threating in any way. There was no reason to tell.
One day, an experiment of the young lady started going downhill. It's unclear what exact mistake she made but her own spell partially turned on her and left her temporarily blinded, But the spell itself wasn't done yet- It had to be fully finished or weakened. Stopping the process abruptly could cause a great harm to the surrounding.
While the Lady herself focused on restraining the spell, Aell and two other Guardians were tasked to bring various ingredients and talismans to speed up the process and make it as easiest as possible.
Caught in the heat of a moment, Aell momentarily forgot that they don't see colors as others and they picked up a wrong pack (Lycoris Dust instead of Chrysanthemum). The other Guards were eighter too distracted to notice or simply didn't bat an eye.
To put it simply, everything from there went into a complete abyss. Aell doesn't like talking about it but its clear that the Lady didn't make it.
While Aell is open about their past, they tend to go silent when a subject of "What happened after?" or "How exactly did you joined the Knights?" comes up.

Aell swore to never make the same mistakes again and shaped themselves up to something new, completely separate from the previous version.
Rigel recruited the traveling knights to ensure an safe travel from Tiger Eye Peak to Dragons Maw Manor. During the journey, A flame of protectiveness over the group grew in Aell.
They recognized that everybody in Blueglades may be different and none of them are bound by blood but that doesn't make them less of a family. They seen them go through hardships, pick themselves up and dance at the end of the day.
And there was certain Saggitari who wouldn't stop pestering Aell. Daygaze eventually grew on them and the two became practically inseparable.
By the time they reached the Center of Manor, Aell solidified their decisions to stay and Blueglades were more than overjoyed. Traveling Knights also supported their choice, knowing that Aell found something they want to protect.

They had been working hard to defend surrounding of Moss Blanket and its inhabitants. Sometimes, they tend to work a little bit too much. Zephyr warned them multiple times about putting too much pressure on themselves but Aell doesn't seem to take his pieces of advice to the heart.

The only person they truly listen to is Daygaze. Aell confides in Daygaze and Daygaze has an endless adoration for Aell.It was hard for both of them- Aell had to get used to Daygazes mood swings and Daygaze learned that sometimes, Aell just needs silence. (And Daygaze made it his personal goal to keep people away from Aell if they weren't in the mood.)
They are currently living together. They both are working on the garden when Aell isn't out in the fields- And Daygaze patiently awaits and takes care of their cacti and vines.
They are both helping eachother to get better and everybody can see that their bond is strong- Through, nobody really knows what label to put on that bond.

Aell is beyond stoic and had been called numb countless of times. In past year they opened up a little but they still have difficulties showing their emotions openly. (When they are not currently talking about succulents, that's when things get emotional.) They never sugarcoat things and are brutally honest, something they had been criticized for multiple times.
There is a lot of work to be done but Aell is happier than they ever were (Even if they don't show it much.).


ϟ Hobbies: Coloring, Sparring, skuba diving
ϟ They sometimes forget that they cant just survive on Water and Bread and Jam. Daygaze makes sure they eat some actual food.
ϟ Tried to take care of multiple harder flowers to maintain but they usually die within a week and they cant deal with that guilt. That's why they stick to cacti and succulents.
ϟ Shares Daygazes passion for Flower Language
ϟ Tends to absentmindedly tap their feet when thinking. Creates a lot of ruckus on a linoleum floor.
ϟ Demisexual Panromantic
ϟ From time to time, They need to rant about the "enormously conservative and overall fanatic environment "- Quetzal Palace. That talk usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes and its complete monolog. After that, they drink two glasses of coffee and go on with their day.
ϟThey tend to keep an eye on most Quetzal Palace residents if they get in contact with Blueglades. You could say that they are somewhat...distrustful of them.
ϟ Tempest is like their second in command and she follows them everywhere. Aell enjoys her company dearly, especially when they Daygaze isn't around.
ϟ Steals Daygazes nail polish on daily basics

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