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Villager: Dainty


Villager Info

ID: #240488

Name: Dainty

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 3 years, 1 month ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Oregoncoast

Species: Horse

Color: Innkeeper


House: Olde Foxbury House (186/186)

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When your exploring leads you through town you spot a worn sign, hanging, creaking on it's hinges in the light breeze. The general state of the place gives you pause, but you're weary from your travels and it might be nice to relax and have a drink or two before heading home so you open the door and head inside.
The place is nearly deserted, only a few scattered patrons sit at dimly lit tables, some speaking in hushed tones...The voice that rings out through the near silence startles you. When you whip around to see who's speaking your eyes fall on a mare standing behind the bar. She wipes the counter then sets down a glass, "What'll it be then love?" she asks, hoof on her hip as she waits for your reply. "Well out with it, don't have all day ya know."

You make your way over and take a seat at the bar, ordering something to drink and offering a smile. When the woman smiles back it surprises you, she didn't seem like the friendly type, and when she fills your glass it brings another surprise. "Haven't seen you around here before and I got a good memory for faces. Name's Haelyn, in case you're interested, and yeah, I accept tips." she says as she sets a little jar on the counter.

You've had a lucrative day exploring, quite a few items you'll be able to easily sell and a good stash of Furcash so you drop a generous amount into the jar, smiling at the way the mare's whole face lights up. She quickly stows the tip jar back under the counter then hurries off, returning with a large box labeled Lost and Found, "No one ever comes back for this stuff, been here for months, years even. So how bout you go through it and see if anything catches your eye." she says with a little wink before walking off, leaving you alone with the box.

The search of the box doesn't really bring you any new treasures but you appreciate the chance all the same. Once your drink is gone you say your goodbyes and head home, it's been a long day.

=O Dainty finds a Midnight Shifty Plush Praise the Sun! \o/

She scoffs as she looks at you. "I'm quite sorry, but I really have no interest in conversation. I'm out here purely to meditate, not to entertain strangers who happen across my garden..."

But, but...however will I get a Magic Maiden Canine Plushie?? ;-; Thank you to the stars and back for my fabjuous Magic Maiden Canine Plushie Dracogryph <3

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    • Magical InnKeeper Horse Plushie ~ from Nonny <3 real life is very important! -potion fairy <3


      You have successfully used the Magic Innkeeper Horse Plush on Potion Fairy - the result is a Innkeeper Horse!

      Your Magic Innkeeper Horse Plush has turned into a Innkeeper Horse Plush.

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