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Villager: Cabbage



Villager Info

ID: #245621

Name: Cabbage

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 5 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Dogstar

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Pink


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 11 Jan 2018, 6:46 pm

Likes: 21 ♥

Tags: wickerbeast green princemochi rogue wickerbeast

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Cabbage's very special treasures!


~ Received (as a chicken) from Kattun on the 4th October 2017

~ Morphed to a Bubblegum Wickerbeast on the 7th October 2017

~ Paintie approved on the 11th January 2018

~ Paintie by PrinceMochi

~ CSS by Reav , adapted for villagers by Dogstar (me)

Cabbage will ALWAYS respond in character! Unless marked by double brackets ((like this))

(He has a th here! More info is to come, including a lil story intro thing I'm writing)


Comments 9

    • (What exactly do you find so mysterious about it? :0)

    • Asper would grasp your larger clawed hand in his, shaking it with a respectful smirk "I do plan on going to the village sooner or later... need to check in with a friend. She actually saved me once! It's the only reason I live in the village... and, well, the reason for my... rough look" He says with an embarrassed chuckle "Everyone seems to like it for some reason... not sure why, but-" he gasped shortly as he was pulled into quite the strong hug by the larger wickerbeast, his muzzle going deep into his mane with his body tensing up in surprise, only for him to lean forward and wrap his arms around the wicker the best he could, twisting his head and pressing up into Cabbage.
      "I-it's not every day you meet someone so friendly and soft." He stuttered out in a clearly flustered tone, his swaying tail showing he was definitely enjoying the experience.

    • A soft and kind growl reverberates from Asper's chest, the ends of his mouth curling up into a soft grin "Of course. While you can't change everyone else, good change can always start with the actions of one person or fur. Then it snowballs and thereon and soforth... Regardless it's still very nice to meet someone so kind. I had no clue in the past what it was like in these villages, at the very least now I'm here, whether the hard way or not." He gently extends a winged arm to the wicker, holding his hand open for a shake. "I am Asper. It's very nice to meet you."

    • The gem raptor shakes his body slightly, his feathers swaying along with each movement and puffing up quite a lot, as if they were already quite ruffled. "Thank you very much! It's not everyday you meet a rogue wicker that's so nice to speak with."

      //Wickers are so interesting, and I mainly love them because they're so fluffy! But rogues are quite interesting as well despite their lack of fluff. Very cute wicker! I also plan on getting a paintie for Asper eventually but first I need to settle on a design and figure out how to color on greyscale.

    • That's such a nice paintie! I loooove wickers.

    • "Ahh, I see! I've never met the rouge Wickerbeast subspecies, no wonder I didn't recognize the look! I can see how less fur would help in the summer, I can't imagine how the normal Wickerbeasts are able to manage it!" *laughs* "And no, I don't have that problem myself. What little fur I []do[/I] have is always kept tucked under my hood! Well, mostly."

      (Thank you! I imagine that seeing someone like Rain in the middle of the night would be pretty frightening, so I tried to work from there! Writing the dramatic build up was so fun to do!)

    • "Why hello there my green friend! You seem to have a bit less fur on your head than other a Wickerbeasts, might I ask why?"

    • The khajiit grinned, eyes sparkling with pure mischief as xe leaned forward. "This one bids you hello as well."

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