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Villager: Pestilence

Plague Ooze


Villager Info

ID: #246936

Name: Pestilence

Gender: Agender

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: veemo

Species: Horse

Color: Unicorn


House: Olde Foxbury House (65/65)

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Approved: 14 Aug 2020, 5:55 pm

Likes: 14 ♥

Tags: unicorn harpy horseman of the apocalypse veemo

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Pestilence's very special treasures!


"Your target reeks of disease. They must be Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse."
"I will shield you from the darkness,
When the walls around us quake.
I will hold back all the monsters
Until my bones begin to break.
When I've lost, I'll have to leave you,
And the tears, they'll fall like rain.
If I'm taken by the shadows,
I will spare you from the pain."
{ Pestilence | genderless | (he/him) | 5'10" }
{Horse-Raven Hybrid | panromantic | pansexual | Explorer }

Pestilence is one of four children, though his siblings are long gone or out of contact with him.

Pestilence was born as a harbinger of death and destruction, though millennia after his creation, he began to learn other things, and began to despise what he was born as and born to do.
Even though he is extremely old, Pestilence is confused, easily persuaded, and malleable in views. He loves children - though rarely sees them - and flowers - which almost always die when he's near. he carries the scent of disease and death, though has control over whether to exude these aspects of himself.

In recent days, he has taken up the mantle of a protector of the people. Whether that means taking his brother's role and starting a fight, or his sister's and tainting the food supplies of ill-willed people. Never once, however, has he killed.
No. Why would he kill when it is Death he is fighting against?

He speaks a multitude of languages, though his mother tongue is an unknown one.
Pestilence's Keepsakes

Keepsake Pink Rose Crystal: It reminds him of a better time. A gift from Death, before their falling out. Occasionally, he can be found staring at it.
Feast Participation Ribbon: A trophy won by Famine and gifted to Pestilence.
Squishy Brain Plushie: About as close to a real disembodied brain as Pestilence would allow War to give.
Snake Oil: it makes him laugh. "Cure to any illness", HA!
Pestilence's Relationships

Death - Pestilence does not like his sibling at all. He will do anything he can to get away from her, minus kill. In recent days, this has escalated to almost-war between the two, with Pestilence thwarting her every move toward her goal.
War - Pestilence is uneasy around War, but doesn't hate him like he does Death. In recent days, this has changed to a steady alliance as Pestilence as taken up War's mantle of causing friction.
Famine - Pestilence and Famine don't speak often, because they don't see each other often, but they are on very friendly terms. In recent days, this has been strengthened further by Pestilence taking up her original cause of causing food droughts, via plaguing the food stores of inhumane towns and kingdoms.
Wolv - A friend of Pestilence's for many years, one that he always finds his thoughts straying toward in times of great strife. Pestilence considers Wolv to be his first, and truest friend; the one who first, truly showed him what was beyond his birth mission.
!! Pestilence's old paintie can be seen here until I can reupload it. !!
All comments by Pestilence are in-character, except for when encased in parentheses.
Paintie by veemo
Voice Claim: Aviators

Pestilence will refer to himself as "we/us" and is learning to call himself "I", but his pronouns are he/him.

Comments 26

    • Wolv steadied himself with pestilence's help and stopped wagging his tail to keep from toppling over. "I hope so! He really is a kind soul at heart."

      (I can't wait to see their painties!)

    • Wolv's tail wags, rocking his body a bit off balance as it does. "That is good to hear. Even with his oddness he does make for a good friend."

    • "I just find it a little odd and quite sad that he only lets elderly lions on the ends of their days in his pride. I mean it is really sweet of him to care for them until they pass and all but it feels like to me he can sense when someone is going to die. If he gets overly affectionate with anyone they are surely to die within a few months."

    • Wolv smiled. "Yeah, sometimes a new start is better in the end. I am glad Lazuli moved back into the village. He is an odd one though."

    • Wolv assumed with pestilence's outstretched wings that he wanted a hug, so he promptly hugged him with all four of his arms. "Well you look pretty darn awesome to me!"

      Wolv released him from his embrace shortly, smiling brightly. "You could say i have changed a bit, but so has my homeland. Everyone has left the village save for Martin. It is really quiet at home now. The castle has been demolished and all that is left of the village are a few houses. Very slowly new people are moving in though. We even have a centaur living in the area."

    • Wolv walks over and trips over his own feet at seeing pestilence's new look. "Wow, you look different!" Wolv's usually shy demeanor was different as well. He seemed much more confident.

    • Lazuli lets out a purr like noise at the compliment. "Ah, thank you for your kind words. It is a pleasure to meet you as well. I may just remind wolv to pop by and say hello. He has been keeping to himself a lot as of late."


    • Lazuli smiled and sat, his unicorn like tail swishing idly back and forth. "My name is Lazuli. I am a friend of Wolv."

    • Lazuli dips his head, cocking it to one side in curiosity. "Why hello there. A mighty impressive looking being you are."

      (Love the new paintie!)

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