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Villager: Pestilence



Villager Info

ID: #246936

Name: Pestilence

Gender: Genderless

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: snowfallen

Species: Horse

Color: Zebra


House: Olde Foxbury House (65/65)

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"Your target reeks of disease. They must be Pestilence, Horseman of the Apocalypse."
//Pestilence//genderless//(it/its)/(he/him)//5'10"//Horse-Raven Hybrid//panromantic//pansexual//Explorer//

Pestilence is one of four children, though its siblings are long gone or out of contact with it.

Pestilence was born as a harbinger of death and destruction, though millennia after its creation, it began to learn other things, and began to despise what it was born as and born to do.

Even though it is extremely old, Pestilence is confused, easily persuaded, and malleable in views. It loves children - though rarely sees them - and flowers - which almost always die when it's near. It carries the scent of disease and death, though has control over whether to exude these aspects of himself.

It speaks a multitude of languages, though its mother tongue is an unknown one.
Pestilence's Relationships

Death - Pestilence does not like its sibling at all. It will do anything It can to get away from her, minus kill.

War - Pestilence is uneasy around War, but doesn't hate him like it does Death.

Famine - Pestilence and Famine don't speak often, because they don't see each other often, but they are on very friendly terms.

Wolv (StellarHyena ) - Pestilence rather likes Wolv, perhaps on terms more than friendship, but seeing as it can't really tell its own emotions... maybe not yet. But it does consider Wolv its friend.

All comments by Pestilence are in-character, except for when encased in parentheses.
Paintie by snowfallen
Voice Claim: *9S (NieR: Automata)

Pestilence will refer to itself as "we/us" and is learning to call itself "I", but its preferred pronouns are it/its OR he/him.
*This voice claim may be subject to change.

Comments 15

    • Wolv nods. "I will do my best!" (By the by, Loris is Wolv's brother, he has a Paintie preview on his villager)

    • Wolv nods " Oh! You must be incredibly busy....i wish there was some way i could help out.."

    • Wolv shuffles, feeling a bit awkward "Sorry, i uh, did i say something?"

    • Wolv tilts his head slightly in confusion "Neige? Niege is doing alright i think..."

    • Wolv seems a little stressed out. "Ah well, that would be really appreciated...Rail decided to move him in after i met you and Niege and I'm not too sure how to react aha"

    • Wolv shuffles a bit "I've been okay, busy but okay. Apprently i have a brother who's moving into my village..."

    • "He said once that i look like a living nightmare. Whatever that means " (ooooh i totally forgot there were other staffs)

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