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Villager: Faida



Villager Info

ID: #247450

Name: Faida

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 6 months ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Breezeyheart

Species: Fox

Color: Marble


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/215)

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Approved: 8 Sep 2017, 10:46 pm

Likes: 89 ♥

Tags: fox winged paintie by cannibal

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Faida looks stunning!

Faida's very special treasures!


Name: Faida

Name meaning: Faida means "winged one" in Icelandic ~

Pets: She has two pet birds that are colorful, similar in coloring to the Red breasted Birb minipet that she has now. One is a female named Leva and the other is a male named Tavi. However Leva is slightly less colorful, as her colors are more pastel like then her sibling. Faida is often roleplayed with them as they are the great great great great (well very great) children of the bird couple who taught her to fly.

Age: 19 years old (feral/realistic fox age is around 6 - 7 years)

Personality ~
Positive Traits: Shy at first but is quite outgoing and friendly, once you get to meet her, kind, caring, helpful, confident, free-spirited, creative, protective, loyal, honest, often speaks her mind, nonjudgmental of others and has a connection to other animals.
Neutral Traits: Can be distant at times, often when she is daydreaming, would rather befriend someone then make enemies with them and tends to try her hardest to befriend all of whom she meets.
Negative Traits: She can tend to be hot-headed (gets angry easily when provoked), stubborn, reckless when her friends or innocents are in danger, can rush into a place without a well thought out plan, if she believes her friends are in danger and can be a little too honest at times.

Mental Disorders: Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and OCD (But she has CDO as she has to alphabetise everything as well or it drives her nuts!)

Likes: Making friends, being with friends, drawing, writing, reading, going on adventures (both through reading books and on real ones lol) collecting pretty feathers & rocks, having two pets to keep her company while sewing outfits and tending to her garden.

Dislikes: Being rejected (for a friend or otherwise) being alone, having artist's block, having writer's block, not feeling like reading anything (makes her sad) or doing anything fun, not going an adventure, the thought of someone stealing her pet or her collection of pretty feathers & rocks, the thought of her anthro friends dying without her doing anything to help them(over her wild forest animal friends if she had to choose between them in a crisis), thought of her garden being dead or ruined.

Career: Tailor.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Though she originally thought she was heterosexual until she realized that she loved the concept of loving someone who they are on the inside and not what they look like on the outside.<3)

~ Relationships ~

Dating? No [√] yes []

Single? no [] Yes [√]

Crush: None

Soulmate/lover: None

Past lovers: None (unless you can count a lover named Vivi who was a Gemraptor in a post apocalyptic future themed roleplay then one only lol)
Genetic offspring: none

Adoptive offspring: none

Family: Mother - Work in progress!
Father - Work in progress!
Siblings - None.

Friends: Percy, Avia, Aivi Work in progress!

Rivals: Work in progress!

Enemies: Work in progress!

~ Background ~

History: Faida was born to a pair of foxes who didn't know that they had the genetics for wings, so when she was born with wings they were both surprised. They named her, Faida for her wings and because she was (literally) their little angel. She grew up learning how to fly on her own by watching birds and she eventually mastered it by befriending a few birds. She has a big heart and has loved animals of all kinds, both big and small, since she was very young, often taking in orphaned baby animals and raising them until they could live on their own. But they never strayed far though as she noticed them at the edge of the forest, peeking at her as she tended to her garden. She loves to make clothes for the other villagers and loves to see their smiling faces, when she has finished an outfit made just for them.

Extras and Fun stuff! ~

Powers/Abilities: She can understand the languages of many wild (and tame) animals and know what they are feeling. She has a green thumb/can grow any plant well from a seed, She can see ghosts (mostly ghosts of passed beloved pets or other anthros like her) She is good at understanding body language and is also double jointed.

Only in some roleplays: She also has photokinesis and can control light, one of her abilities is to heal minor injuries or partially heal deep/severe/possibly life-threatening injuries. Healing in general can take a toll on her physically, but more so when she heals a severe injury as it take more energy. So she will need to rest for awhile, as in she can't heal any more wounds until she recovers after healing a injury, especially a severe one!

Hobbies: Well, of course, she enjoys making outfits/costumes for other villagers, but in her spare time she enjoys.. Being with friends! Drawing as she is an avid artist. Writing, mostly short stories! Reading, to unwind, of course! Going on adventures with her friends, but of course! (Both through reading books and on real ones lol) Collecting pretty feathers & shiny/pretty rocks, as she has a large collection of those! Lastly, but not least, tending to her flourishing garden as it calms her. Her garden is full of various different kinds of vegetables, fruits and flowers, all of which are in full bloom at springtime.

Fun Facts: She can fly with her rather large wings and often does but she often prefers to walk. When someone needs comforting, she will do anything to comfort them, often sitting beside them and curling her large fluffy tail around them or over their shoulders to help, since her tail is quite soft. This is because she takes great care of her fluffy fur, especially her large tail and brushes it daily if possible! Also she tends not to drag her large fluffy tail behind her as she holds it up as high in the air as possible, proud of her large tail.

Ect/Other: Work in progress!

~ Roleplay info~

(From her inteinteractions in the Fire In The Skies Part 2 - Open Roleplay)

Roleplay Relationships ~

~ Good:

just met - Kitsune & Lawrence

getting to know - Kitsune & Lawrence

knows some about not all -

officially friends -

close friends - Percy

best friends -

more then friends? -

lovers -

~ Bad:

uneasy around -

really nervous near -

great dislike toward -

strongly dislikes -

hates -

enemies with -

conflicted -

frenemies with -

rivals with -

~ Other Info ~ She was created on 7/17/2017. She came as a Marble Fox with the career: Tailor. (Temporarily will have her career changed to Explorer)

Paintie Credits: Her currently equipped paintie is made by cannibal .
Her currently equipped paintie is worth 400 FD. However cannibal and I worked out a deal and I traded a few plushies for it, these included a non-magical Ruby Gembound plush that I had gotten for my birthday. This was back when I wasn't aware that the staff would change the birthday gifts from the Gembounds to Zodaic Keepsakes. Now I'm sad that I don't have a Ruby Now if I think about it and look about on that decision, I get a little sad that I don't have a Ruby Gembound plush anymore. However I don't regret it as I truly and honestly love my little sweetheart, Faida.

Look!: She was featured on the front page in the Latest Painties section, here. I can't remember how long that she was featured, but it happened on September 8th 2017 after her paintie got approved! I was elated since I rarely get an paintie approved on the same day, especially right after submitting it or get it featured, let alone both in the same day!

Her toyho.use: here.

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    • Hah sorry that Lawrence doesn't have a villager <33 I'll try to get him one soon-ish!

    • ddaksdjla I was wondering why this sweet lil fox was tagged with "cannibal", I was reading through her description waiting for her dark side to appear
      (I can see where I went wrong lmao)

    • shes such a lovely character <3

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