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Villager: Kandoxin Heul



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ID: #258977

Name: Kandoxin Heul

Gender: Horny™

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Virtue_Mweor

Genus: Shifty

Species: Volleux

Color: The Dreamscape


House: FurCash House

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Kandoxin Heul looks stunning!

Kandoxin Heul's very special treasure!


Kandoxin Leslie Heul
This character is FEATURED and a Narrator!
The son of Velixan Gabriesse Heul and Puroff Lambe Hart--both purebred Volleux--Kandoxin has inherited the abilities and connection to the world of the subconscious imagination, while his older brother, Masceirdon Daniels Hart has inherited the realm that oversees the stability of the waking world.


Kandoxin Heul is currently 1,879 years old, born January 8th of A.D. 141. By Volleux biological standards, this puts him at about 18 years, 9 and a half months in human terms.
Being born in January, he is deemed a Capricorn-- his Alternian (homestuck) True Sign is Capriun, under the Purple Blooded caste, a Derse dreamer, and aligned to the Breath aspect.

to learn more about Kandox's True Sign in Homestuck, click HERE.
to take the official Extended Zodiac quiz, click HERE!
to find Andrew Hussie's original webcomic that this sign references, click HERE.

His alignment under the three Volleuren Ancestors, as categorized by the Council of Rusemen, is a Perfect The Eclipsed.


The Eclipsed scholars have an unbearably variegated gallery of opinions on a massive amount of subjects— often mentally warring with themselves and others, and/or quickly changing their minds and switching sides within the blink of an eye. This does not mean they are necessarily gullible— They are majorly ambitious and indubitably the most chaotic of all alignments. They may not show this chaos on an outer layer right away, as with the Darkened Eclipsed — but within their minds brews a toxic tempest of genius and determination. They do not fare well without a companion with a strong sense of leadership at their side, whether they are willing to admit that or not.

To see the Council of Ruseman's official quiz, click HERE! DM me with your answers (the ratios on the bottom) and I'll tell you exactly what you are and give you your badge! Make sure you pick only one class out of every form, but once for each form in each sect! also, yes, I made this, so I don't really have an automated script for it yet like the Homestuck quiz does. Sorry about that.

Gender: 15?cb=20170902203130 Male

Height: i don't remember sorry

Weight: N/A he's a nonphysical being, so even if you were to weigh him it would be inconsistent and insignificant.

Birth Date: ♑️ January 8th A.D. 141.

Pokémon Type: Previously Fairy/Ghost, now Dark/Ghost


A certain small, fat skeleton
Wendy!! :D
• Home sweet home, the dreamscape~!
• Snuggles uuwuu~~~~~
• His family ::)
• Hentai anime
This K. K. Slider song!!
This absolute treasure trove of questionable fanart
Friend!!!!!!!!! ::D
• All fanmade works, indiscriminately
• Lore dumpster-diving!
• Character and world design
• All manner of kawaii shit
• Fish! Mermaids! Octo... yeah well you probably see where that came from huh
his dildo collection
~~~~~~~~~USING TILDES~~~~~~~~
• eating grass??????


• Being told he has a small dick
• Xenophobia
• Cringe culture/kink shaming even if they're right
• along the same margin, bullying and cyberbullying!
• being lonely ::(
• the way he acted during his introduction
• specifically This bitch
• prudes >::c
• being physically hurt (He has a MASSIVE amount of HP, but he's super duper sensitive!)
Bear Cunt
• being unable to cheer up his friends honestly, fucking same
• canon authors bashing fan works!!!!!! like seriously!!!!!!!!! fuck off!!!!!

Background & Personality

jesus i hit the character limit what the fuck

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