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Villager: Sparks


Villager Info

ID: #272574

Name: Sparks

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 8 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Silverpelt60

Genus: Shifty

Species: Mouse

Color: Fire Orange


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Approved: 11 Jan 2018, 6:53 pm

Likes: 23 ♥

Tags: pink orange heart yellow red star mouse warm stellarhyena murph sfv

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A bundle of energy with the powers of fire and lightning! Sparks is a cheery fellow who practically glows with enthusiasm-literally! He's quick and agile and always up for a game of tag, but he doesn't always play fair, opting out to use his powers to enhance his speed rather than be a good sport. Sparks is still working on controlling his powers, and can be a bit unpredictable in battle. The last scrap he was in led to everything being set on fire, so it was a bit hectic to say the least. However, whatever mistakes Spark does make never put a damper on his confidence, and they've never missed a beat when training! So far, their most powerful attack is launching flaming lighting bolts of orange and yellow through his tail, which acts as a conductor, but who knows what he may be capable of as he grows?

Comments 45

    • "Most people say I'm trying too hard. Mostly Felix says that, actually..."

    • "Oooh, literally?" Fleurri's eyebrows shoot up. "All red, hot, an' ready to smash? Sounds therapeutic, if a bit direct!"

    • "Eh? Oh, thanks," he says, raising a paw to his earrings. "They were a gift from my friend."

    • "Well, who asks a block of wood out on a date? It doesn't have to care what it looks like!" She narrows her eyes and taps a claw against her chin, grinning over at Sparks impishly, "But in other news, why'dja ask? Maybe you get a bit hot yourself at times?"

    • "Only a li'l bit. It's good for the complexion y'know?"

      (It's all good ! Sometimes things def go a a bit wonky >w>;)

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