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Villager: Starbug



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ID: #272714

Name: Starbug

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 2 years, 6 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Breezeyheart

Feast Points: 68

Species: Cat

Color: Snowshoe


House: Olde Foxbury House (185/250)

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Starbug looks stunning!

Starbug's very special treasures!


Note: He tends to reply in character. If I'm replying out of character, I tend to put a parenthesis and OOC: before my comment and then another parenthesis at the end of my comment.

He has a toyhou.se where you can see all of his art!


Starbuggy, Bugthug and StarThug. The first was a loving misspelling by his owner and the other two are from his owner's parents as they like to joke that he stole their 'hearts' with his loving gaze.

Name Meaning:
Starbug is the name of the exploratory ship on the show Red Dwarf that first aired on 1988 to 1999 on the tv channel; BBC Two. The series has a current reboot called Red Dwarf XII which is being aired on the digital TV channel; Dave.

17 human years and counting (but is a kitten at heart)


Cat, specifically Snowshoe Siamese.

Heterosexual (straight)



Genetical N/A yet but has been fosterdad to many.

Relationships ~

Friends (he considers them family):
His humans, Squeakie II, Guinevere, Aristotle, WIP

Anyone who means to harm his friends and family.

WIP, long story.

Anthro paintie made by stormbringer15 (*currently equipped)
(His paintie was a custom paintie raffle prize from the prize pool of a staff member appreciation raffle that was managed by Watersnake and ran by Dinoval . Thank you again so much Dinoval , stormbringer15 and Watersnake )

Future Plans: I'm going to order more painties of him and if possible, I shall make some of them myself.♡However I probably won't be getting any new painties soon due to my money status as I'm broke. Might get a Magic Elite Heart Gem for him when I'm no longer broke as I love the idea of a Dragon Cat Chibi paintie of him.♡


Comments 17

    • the molly looked at him squarely, flicking her tail back and forth. deciding to approach him, she smiled. “hey there kitty.” she meowed. “what’s up?”

    • ( hey, life happens. I actually forgot about this completely)

    • "Well, you will be happy to know he did get adopted a few months ago!" Jacob smiled widely.
      the fairy clapped his paws together gently.
      "His new owners had to jump through soo much paperwork but, that is to be expected with an imuno compromised animal isn't it?. "

    • "Yeah, he is the sweetest big boy. He is three times the size of a normal cat and three times as sweet." Jacob said.
      he laughed and fluttered higher.
      "You wouldn't believe that he broke into a volunteer's house to beat up another kitty. Even if attacked he just sits there. I think he just really wanted to be adopted, like ' being me to the shelter!'"

    • "Yeah, I don't like thunder either, it's loud and sometimes lightning follows. It's loud, bright and really hurts." He said.
      His ears flopped.
      "Oh, dear, that must have been hard for her, it hurts losing someone, I had a friend with F.I.V. Shotgun, luckily he found a nice home and so did you." He explained.
      His ears perked up a bit.
      "Would you like to hear about Shotgun?" He asked

    • "Okay, you see i.. I am afraid of frogs." The fairy admitted.
      he began to figet slightly, worried that the cat would laugh.
      "I would say humans are a mixed bad, some are nice some are mean. Children are the nicest." He mumbled.
      He sat down and recalled the many games he had played with them, lighting up his face with a smile.

    • "promise not to laugh? what i don't like many others find silly." the fairy admitted.
      he lowered his head and stare at the ground, concentrating on a single clump of dirt. he frowned.
      "i- i don't know where i am from... there were so many plants from all over the multiverse... and humans. have you seen a human before? is the pacific northwest nice?" he asked.
      (Jacob is from no particular place, though i did living in the pacific northwest for a while)

    • "I'm glad you like it, baking is fun and as an added bonus I can share my creations to make others happy... Except there is one particular don't like...." The fairy trailed off.
      he lifted a paw to show the somewhat burnt pad before kissing it, causing the burn to heal.
      "My favorite berry is huckleberry." He said

    • Jacob smiled and looked into his basket. He ignored the mushroom tart, he didn't think cats would like mushrooms. After a few minutes of digging around he found it. A blueberry tart. He lifted a small tart with a golden crust out of the basket.
      "I made it myself." Jacob announced proudly.
      he held out the tart.

    • "I am Jacob. Would you like a tart?" The fairy asked.
      he lifted a basket of the ground and tilted his head to the side.

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